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manta. cotton-cloth, a woman’s dress. manana. to-morrow. mapachtl. a small animal, perhaps the raccoon or badger. mapaho. beating-sticks, for cleaning cotton. mayores. chiefs, village elders, police. medio. six centavos. meson. a house for travellers. mescal. a spirits, made from an agave. mestizo. a person of mixed blood. metate. stone upon which corn is ground. milagro. miracle. milpa. cornfield. mogote. a mound or tumulus. mole. a stew, highly seasoned with chili. mole prieto. black mole. moral. a tree, mulberry. mozo. a young man, a servant. mudo. mute, dumb. mulada. a mule train. muneco. doll, figure. municipio. town, town-government, town-house. nacimiento. an arrangement of figures and grotto-work, made at Christmastide. nada. nothing. nagual. conjuror. negrito. (diminutive) negro. nublina. mist, fog. ocote. pine-tree, splinter of pine. otro. other. padre. father, priest. padrecito. priest. pais. country, esp. one’s native town. panela. sugar in cake or loaf. papaya. a fruit. pastorela. a drama relative to the Nativity. pastores. shepherds. patio. inside court of house. pelico, mai. tobacco, with chili and lime. peso. a money denomination, one hundred centavos, one dollar. petate. mat. pinolillo. a species of tick. pinto. a disease, spotted skin. pita. a fibre. pitero. a fifer. pito. fife. plaza. town square. portales. a building with corridor in front. posol, posole. corn prepared to carry on journey, for mixing with

  prefecto. prefect.
  presidente. president.
  principales. principal men, councillors.
  pueblito. small pueblo, village.
  pulque. an intoxicant, made from maguey sap.
  quichiquemil. a woman’s upper garment.
  rancho. a country-place.
  ranchito. a small ranch.
  rebozo. a woman’s garment, a wrap or light shawl.
  regidor. alderman.
  remedio. remedy.
  sangre. blood.
  santo, santito. saint.
  senor. sir, gentleman.
  senora. madam, lady.
  senorita.  Miss, young woman.
  serape. a blanket, for wearing.
  sindico. recorder.
  soltero. an unmarried man.
  sombrero. hat.
  subida. ascent.
  tabla. board.
  tamales. dumplings of corn-meal.
  tambour. drum.
  tatita. papa.
  tepache. a fermented drink.
  teponastl, teponaste. the ancient horizontal drum.
  tienda. store, shop.
  tierra caliente. hot country.
  tigre. tiger, jaguar.
  tinaja. water-jar.
  topil. a messenger or police.
  toro. bull.
  tortillas. corn-cakes, cooked on a griddle.
  tortuga. turtle.
  tsupakwa. dart-thrower.
  ule. rubber.
  vaca. cow.
  vamonos. come on, we are going.
  viejos. old.
  vomito. yellow fever.
  xalama. a tree.
  xtol, xtoles. a dancer, or dancers (see Merida, narrative).
  zacate, sacate. hay, fodder.

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