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Frederick Starr
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carrier. carreta. cart. carretero. a carter. cascaron. an eggshell filled with bits of cut paper. catalan. a wine, named from a Spanish town. cenote. a cave with water. centavo. a coin, the one-hundredth part of a peso; a cent. chac mool. a stone figure, found at Chichen Itza, Yucatan. chalupa. a boat-shaped crust with meat or vegetables in it. chamara. a blanket for wearing. champurrado. a mixture, as of atole and chocolate. chapapote. chewing-gum. chicha. an intoxicant made from sugar-cane. chicle. chewing-gum. chinampa. “floating garden,” a garden patch. chirimiya. a shrill musical instrument, somewhat like a fife or flageolet. chirimoya. the custard-apple. cigarro. cigarette. cincalotl, cincalote. granary. clarin. a bird, with clear note. cochero. coachman. colorin. a tree. comiteco. a spirits made at Comitan.  Conquista.  Conquest. copal. a gum, much used as incense. coro. loft. corral. an enclosure for animals. costumbre. custom. coton, cotones. a man’s upper garment, a sort of poncho. cuartel. barracks. cuezcomatl, cuezcomate. granary. cura. parish priest. curato. parish house. danza. dance. doctrina. doctrine, catechism. don.  Mr., used only when the Christian name of a person is spoken. dulce. sweet, sweetmeat. dulcero. maker or seller of sweets. dulceria. sweetmeat factory. enagua. woman’s skirt. enchilada. a fried tortilla with chili and cheese. feria. fair. fiesta. festival. finca. farm, plantation. firma. signature. fiscal. fiscal officer, frijol, frijoles. bean, beans, golondrina. swallow, gramatica. grammar. gringo. somewhat derisive term applied to foreigners, especially Americans. guardia. guard. hacienda. a country-place. haciendado, haciendero. the owner of an hacienda. hennequin. a plant producing fibre, sisal hemp. hermita. a retired shrine. herreria. smithy, forge, ironworks. h’men. conjuror. huehuetes. the old ones. huehuetl, huehuete. the ancient upright drum. huerfano. orphan. huipil, huipili. a woman’s waist garment. huipilili. a woman’s waist garment, worn under the huipil. idioma. idiom, language. incomunicado. solitary, not allowed communication. itinerario. itinerary. itztli. obsidian. ixtli. fibre from the maguey and cactus. jacal. a hut. jarabe. a popular dance. jicara. a gourd-cup, or vessel. jonote. a tree.  Jornada. a day’s march. juez. judge. ke’esh. a votive figure. ladino. a mestizo, a person not Indian. ladron, ladrones. thief, thieves. liana. vine. licenciado. lawyer. lima. a fruit, somewhat like an insipid orange. lindas. pretty (girls). llano. a grassy plain. machete. a large knife. maestro. teacher, a master in any trade. maguey. a plant, the century plant or agave, yielding pulque. mai, pelico. tobacco, mixed with chili and lime. malacatl, malacate. spindle-whorl. malinche. malinche. mamey. a fruit, orange flesh and brown exterior.
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