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Frederick Starr
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with no sympathy.  I told him he had been sent to bring the women, that my business was simply to measure them; that if he would do his duty, I would do mine.  He made two other efforts, equally futile, and finally returning, said he thought an order would be necessary.  I told him, if he had not already an order I did not know what an order was; that the jefe had distinctly told me what he was to do; that he was not doing it.  He then said he had better go to the palace a moment; would I kindly wait.  I waited.  He soon reappeared, and started in bravely with a new subject, but was again repulsed.  Returning, he said that we had better go up to the palace and interview the jefe again.  I replied that I had no time to spare; that we had already lost two hours at the palace, waiting for the jefe to appear, and that I did not propose to lose more time; that he knew what I expected, and must either do it, or I would return to my hotel.  He helplessly remarked that we had better see the jefe, whereupon I picked up my instruments and departed to the hotel.  Leaving my instruments at the hotel, I decided, while matters were adjusting themselves—­for I had no thought of bothering myself further—­to call upon the bishop.  Sallying from the hotel, I met upon the street the regidor and two other town officials, who were awaiting me.  “Sir,” said he, “will you not measure the women?” “No,” said I, “I am going to call upon the bishop.  I have no time to waste.  We went once to measure the women, but you had no power; your jefe plainly is a man without authority.”  “No, sir,” cried he, “the jefe has issued a strict order that the women must be measured.”  “No matter,” I replied, “I have no time to waste.  I shall make my call.”  With this I entered the bishop’s palace, and had an interesting visit with that prelate.  When leaving the palace, I found the regidor and four town officials, awaiting my appearance.  He at once demanded whether it was not my intention to measure the women.  He said that he had been to see the jefe, and that the jefe said my wishes must be obeyed.  I asked him where it was proposed to measure the women, and he replied that it should be wherever I pleased.  “Very good,” said I.  “We will measure them in the court-yard of the jefe’s palace; have subjects brought there at once, and send a man to my hotel for my instruments.”

To the palace we went, and thither shortly four policemen brought a woman from the market.  With bad grace, she submitted to be measured, after which the four policemen went again to the market, and soon after reappeared with a second subject.  So the work went on, with four policemen to each woman, until our full number was finally secured and the work completed.

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