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to leave her terrified children, who were afraid to follow her.  She knew her only course was to appear bold and fearless in presence of the red men.  At length she got the little ones pacified, as she stepped toward the opening, her children were huddled together in a corner.  She did not hesitate a moment, but went out and advanced down the slope and stood face to face with the savages.  Paul Guidon advanced a few steps toward her.  She said, “I believe you to be an honest man, and you will not see a defenceless woman injured and her children murdered, if you can help it.”  At this moment a couple of tomahawks and several arrows passed in close proximity to Mrs. Godfrey, and a moment after a single arrow struck her in the arm, causing the blood to flow freely.  Paul Guidon turned suddenly and spoke firmly and decidedly to his comrades, they retired a short distance.  Margaret continued, “Why do those Indians wish to injure me?  My husband is away, and when he comes back we will leave this place and go up the river to Grimross Neck and live there.”  The red man stood silent all the time Mrs. Godfrey was speaking.  He now spoke as follows, “You no ’fraid Injuns, stand fore them like rock,” at the same time pointing down to a big boulder on which he was standing, “Brave Pale Face.”  She said in reply:  “I shall never be afraid while you are with the Indians, but some of the red men I would not trust.  If my King, the Great Pale Faced Father of this country, knew of your kindness to me he would love you.  I feel that my life and the lives of my children are safe in your hands.”  Margaret then asked him into the Fort.  In doing this she appears to have obeyed the cool dictates of judgment rather than the impulses of the heart.  He at first hesitated and then slowly followed her cautiously up the rising ground.  She turned around and said to him rather sharply:  “Do you fear to trust me?  There are no pale faced men inside.  Did I not trust you when I went out single, alone and unarmed, to meet you?” He quickened his pace, but glanced restlessly all around.  Arriving near the entrance of the Fort, he said:  “Me stop here.”  Margaret called to her children, but they would not come.  Paul said:  “Children frightened with Injun.”  After much difficulty she persuaded Paul to step inside.  He stopped as he entered and looked wildly about, appearing inclined to draw back.  Margaret Godfrey looked straight into his restless eyes and said:  “You are my friend now.  When my husband comes back you can help us up this unknown stream to our new home.”  “Yea,” he replied; “me will watch on river bank and in canoe; fire gun and point where stay night.  Don’t tell pale face man me be in Fort.  White man sometime kill Injun.  Won’t tell pale face man, say?” Here he hesitated for a reply.  Margaret took his hand, led him out, and promised she would not.  And she kept her word.]

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