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Entered, according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by D. Appleton & company, In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.


I. Introduction.—­Dr. Wayland’s Arguments on the Justifiableness of War briefly examined. 7

II.  Strategy.—­General Divisions of the Art.—­Rules for planning a Campaign.—­Analysis of the Military Operations of Napoleon. 35

III.  Fortifications.—­Their importance in the Defence of States proved by numerous Historical Examples. 61

IV.  Logistics.—­Subsistence.&mdash
;­Forage.—­Marches.—­Convoys.—­ Castrametation. 88

V. Tactics.—­The Twelve Orders of Battle, with Examples of each.—­Different Formations of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Engineers on the Field of Battle, with the Modes of bringing Troops into action. 114

VI.  Military polity.—­The Means of National Defence best suited to the character and condition of a Country, with a brief Account of those adopted by the several European Powers. 135

VII.  Defence of our sea-coast.—­Brief Description of our Maritime Fortifications, with an Examination of the several Contests that have taken place between Ships and Forts, including the Attack on San Juan d’Ulloa, and on St. Jean d’Acre. 155

VIII.  Our northern frontier defences.—­Brief Description of the Fortifications on the Frontier, and an analysis of our Northern Campaigns. 210

IX.  Army organization.—­Staff and Administrative Corps.—­Their History, Duties, Numbers, and Organization. 235

X. Army organization.—­Infantry and Cavalry.—­Their History, Duties, Numbers, and Organization. 256

XI.  Army organization.—­Artillery.—­Its History and Organization, with a Brief Notice of the different kinds of Ordnance, the Manufacture of Projectiles, &c. 275

XII.  Army organization.—­Engineers.—­Their History, Duties, and Organization,—­with a Brief Discussion, showing their importance as a part of a modern Army Organization. 300

XIII.  Permanent fortifications.  Historical Notice of the progress of this Art.—­Description of the several parts of a Fortress, and the various Methods of fortifying a Position. 327

XIV.  Field engineering.—­Field Fortifications.—­Military Communications.—­Military Bridges.—­Sapping, Mining, and the Attack and Defence of a Fortified Place. 342

XV.  Military education.—­Military Schools of France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, England, &c.—­Washington’s Reasons for establishing the West Point Academy.—­Rules of Appointment and Promotion in Foreign Services.—­Absurdity and Injustice of our own System. 378

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