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Springfield.  Mrs. O.C.  Hunt 10.00

South Amherst.  Cong.  Ch. 11.00

Uxbridge.  WILLIAM H. SEAGRAVE, bal.
  to const. himself L.M. 25.00

Wakefield.  Y.P.S.C.E. of Cong.  Ch. 15.66

Wakefield.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., bal.
  to const.  GEORGE H. MADDOCK L.M. 6.17

Ware.  Mr. Anderson’s S.S.  Class, for
  Indian Sch’p, Santee Normal Sch.

Warren.  Mrs. Joseph Ramsdell
  for Chinese M. 5.00

Warren.  Ladies, Box of Bedding, etc.;
  Mrs. M.L.  Hastings, 3. for Freight,
  for Austin, Texas

Westford.  William Taylor, 5, for Indian M.
  and 5 for Mountain Work 10.00

Whateley.  Cong.  Ch., 12.84, and
  Sab.  Sch., 10 22.84

Winchester.  Y.P.S.C.E., for Indian Sch’p.,
  Santee Normal Sch.

Woods Holl.  Cong.  Ch. 3.00

Worcester.  Polly W. Ames and
  George W. Ames 6.00

——.  “Donations,” 100.00

——.  “A.” 10.00

Hampden Benevolent Association, by
  Charles Marsh, Treasurer: 

Huntington.  Second 19.85

Mittineagne 3.57

Monson.  Sab.  Sch.,
for Indian M. 50.00

Springfield, Rev. Edward
Clarke 5.00

--------      78.42



Conway.  Estate of Ruby Strong, Mrs.
  Julia E. Tilton, Adm’x., for Tougaloo U. 20.00

Cummington.  Estate of Mrs. R.P.W. 
  Baldwin, by Ethan Clark, Executor 500.00

Medfield.  Estate of Mrs. Abigail Cummings,
  for Education, Instruction and
  Improvement of the Colored Population
  of the South

Newton Highlands.  Estate of Miss Ellen
  Craft, by Miss Emeline H. Craft and
  Sarah A. Craft, Executors 400.00

Southampton.  Estate of Eunice L. Strong,
  Henry W. Bosworth, Adm., by Charles
  Marsh, Treas.  Hampden Benev.  Ass’n 733.33




Winchester, Mass.  First Cong.  Ch., by
  Miss Elizabeth P. Chapin, Bbl. of C.,
  Val. 50, for Fort Berthold, Dak.


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