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At first it seemed as though the scholars would fight on the least provocation.  If there had not been a few who had attended another of our schools, I do not know what I should have done, but those few did not fight.  Their deportment in the school-room was also good.  Now there is scarcely any fighting.  At first several brought tobacco to school, but it was not allowed to be used, and so is not brought now.

One day a girl was at the board doing a simple sum in addition, three plus four; she put down nine as the entire sum.  When I asked her what three plus four was equal to, she said “seven.”  I then asked her why she did not put that down; she said, “Dunno how to make a seben and so ’lowed dat would do.”  One young man has come to school but four half days, yet he has learned to write his own name legibly and can read some.  He could spell “right smart” before he came.

* * * * *



For the Education of Colored People.

Income for August, 1889, from the
  invested funds $4,197.35

Income previously acknowledged 31,302.36


Total $35,499.71


* * * * *


MAINE, $468.87.

Bath.  Central Ch. and Soc. 26.20

Bath.  Children’s Loyal Temperance Legion,
  2 Packages Books, etc., for Sherwood,

Bethel.  First Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 18.42

Brewer.  Mrs. Catharine S. Hardy (100 of
  which for Chinese M. in Cal.) 200.00

Bridgton.  First Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 20.63

Castine.  Class No. 9 Trin.  Sab.  Sch.,
  for Student Aid, Tougaloo U. 1.70

Dennysville.  Cong.  Ch. 18.96

Hampden.  Cong.  Ch. 11.80

Limington.  Cong.  Ch. 9.00

North Anson.  “A Friend.” 15.00

Portland.  Seamens Bethel Ch. 41.50

Saco.  First Parish Ch. 19.13

Searsport.  First Cong.  Ch. 21.53

Wells.  B. Maxwell 20.00

Yarmouth.  First Parish Ch. 50.00


Acworth.  Cong.  Soc. 10.87

Amherst.  Capt G.W.  Bosworth 3.00

Bedford.  Milton B. George, for Clinton
  Chapel, Talladega C.

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