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In my beautiful home from the cold world apart,
He holds me so close to his fast beating heart;
More enchanting his voice than the syren-wrapt song,
O’er the wind-dimpled ocean soft floating along,
As he whispers his love in love’s low passioned tone,
Such home, and such lover, no other has known. 


O, let us leave this world behind—­
Its gains, its loss, its praise, its blame—­
Not seeking fame, nor fearing shame,
Some far secluded land we’ll find,
And build thy dream-home, you and I,
And let this foolish world go by.

A paradise of love and bliss! 
Delicious draughts in Eden bowers,
Of peace, and rest, and quiet hours,
We’ll drink, for what we’ve missed in this. 
The shafts of malice we’ll defy,
And let this foolish world go by. 


Life of my life, my soul’s best part,
I could not live without thee now;
And yet this love must break my heart,
    Or break a sacred vow.

Which shall it be? an answer oft
From puzzling doubts I’ve sought to wake;
Must joy, or misery, hence be mine,
    Must heart or promise break?

Alone, Heaven’s highest court would prove
A desolated land to me;
Earth’s barest, barren desert wild,
    A paradise with thee. 


Thou hast beamed on my pathway, a vision of light,
  To guide and to bless from afar;
To illume with thy smile the dead chill of night,
  My star, my bright, beautiful star.

The sun pales before thee, the moon is a blot
  On the sky where thine own splendors are;
And dark is the day where thy presence is not,
  My star, my bright, beautiful star. 


O love, do not call me a star! 
’Tis too cold and bright, and too far
Away from your arms; I would be,
The life drops that flow in your veins,
The pulses that throb in your heart. 
My bosom should be the warm sea
Of forgetfulness, tinged with the stains
Of the sunset, when day-dreams depart;
You should drink at its fountain of kisses,
Drink mad of its fathomless deep;

Submerged in an ocean of blisses,
I’d be something to kiss and to keep. 
Loving, and tender, and true,
I’d be nearer, oh! nearer to you
Than the glittering meteors are;
Then, love, do not call me a star. 


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