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Hollis, N.H.  Cong.  Ch., 2 Bbls. for Storrs
  Sch., Atlanta, Ga.

Mason, N.H.  Ladies of Cong.  Ch., Bbl.
  for Thomasville, Ga.

Boston, Mass.  Miss H.H.  Stanwood, Fine
  Steel Engraving of the Lord’s Prayer,
  for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

Brimfield, Mass.  Ladies’ Union of Second
  Ch., Bbl., for McLeansville, N.C.

Cambridgeport, Mass.  Miss L, Palmer,
  Box basted patchwork, for Tougaloo U.

Rockland, Mass.  Ladles’ Sew.  Circle of
  Cong.  Ch., Bbl.  Val. 61.60, for Fisk U.

Springfield, Mass.  A Gift of Webster’s
  Unabridged Dictionary through Mrs. N.B. 
  Wilder, of Somerville, for Pleasant
  Hill, Tenn.

Ware, Mass.  East Ch., Bbl., for Birmingham, Ala.

Winchester.  Mass.  E.D.  Chapin, Bbl.
  for Pleasant Hill, Tenn.

RHODE ISLAND, $967.08.

Central Falls.  “Mission Workers,” Cong. 
  Ch., for Indian Sch’p. 68.50

Central Falls.  Cong.  Ch. 62.25

Providence.  Mrs. Mary White, for Jewett
  Mem.  Hall, Grand View, Tenn.

Providence.  Union Cong.  Ch. (39.75 of
  which for Indian M.) 796.16

Newport.  United Cong.  Ch. adl., 25.17;
  “A Friend,” 10 35.17

CONNECTICUT, $4,602.55.

Bantam.  Cornelia Bradley 10.00

Bethel.  Cong.  Ch., 47.03; “A Friend,” 5 52.03

Bozrah.  Cong.  Ch. 10.00

Bristol.  Mission Circle, Bbl. of C. and
  Box of Christmas Gifts,
  for Charleston, S.C.

Broad Brook.  Cong.  Ch. 13.55

Brooklyn.  “In Memoriam” of Dr. Wm.
  Woodbridge, by Mrs. Wm. Woodbridge 200.00

Central Village.  Cong.  Ch. 6.00

Collinsville.  Mission Circle, by Mrs. Warren,
  Bbl. of C., 1.10 for Freight,
  for Charleston, S.C.

Columbia.  Cong.  Ch. 26.92

Cornwall.  Sab.  Sch. of First Cong.  Ch.,
  Christmas offerings, for Conn. 
  Ind’l Sch., Ga.

Cromwell.  Cong.  Ch. 140.23

Danielsonville.  Ladies of Westfield Cong. 
  Ch., Bbl. of C., for Marian, Ala.,
  10 for Freight 10.00

Danielsonville.  Westfield Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 9.06

Darien.  Ladies of Cong.  Ch., for Conn. 
  Ind’l Sch., Ga.

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