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From a teacher in Beach Institute, Savannah: 

One of my new pupils has a name much longer than himself.  It is Ulysses Virginia Lee, and in addition, the surname Smith.  Another new boy is Josie Mike, and I think it might well be changed to “Mite,” because he is such a small specimen.  He could not tell his age, and we thought him too much of a baby to come, but took him for a week on trial, and as he is rapidly learning the ways of the school, we shall let him stay.  Last Friday, while trying to impress upon him that only good behavior would insure him a desk in my room, I wrote some of his sayings.  “Why do you want to come here to school?” “To larn something.”  “What if you are naughty and we send you away?” “Go to other school.”  “Why did you leave that other school?” “They won’t teach me nothin.”  In answer to the question what kind of a boy he intended to be, instead of saying “good” as I expected, he replied, “I’ll be a Beach boy.”  So he was ready with an answer to every question, and I am only sorry that I cannot reproduce for you his little face and the funny inflections of his voice, as he looked me right in the eye, his own little eyes just dancing with fun.

One of the little Indian girls whose name is Polly has just come in to ask, “Miss D., what is a wog?  One white boy called me a polliwog, and I thought a wog must be something bad.”

* * * * *


MAINE. $1,161.38.

Auburn.  High St. Cong.  Ch., (of which
  131.70 for Freedmen; 40.77 for
  Indian M.
and 9.26 for Chinese M.) $247.00

Bangor.  Central Ch., for Oahe Ind’l Sch. 5.00

Bath.  Central Ch. and Soc. 46.45

Bluehill.  Mrs. A.D.  Hinckley on True
  Blue Card

Brunswick.  Bbl. and Box of C. Mrs. E.
  Lincoln, 2, for Selma, Ala. 2.00

Castine.  Class 9, Trin.  Sab.  Sch. for
  Student Aid, Tougaloo U.

Castine.  Bbl. of C., for Wilmington N.C.

Cumberland Mills.  Warren Ch., to const. 
  WOODSIDE L.M.’s 89.29

Cumberland.  Cong.  Ch., Bbl. of C., for
  Selma, Ala., 2 for Freight

Dennysville.  Cong.  Ch. 12.75

Falmouth.  Second Cong.  Ch., for Freight
  to Macon, Ga.

Fryeburg.  Cong.  Ch. 6.30

Gorham.  Bbl. of C., for Selma, Ala.; 3.04
  for Freight 3.04

Gorham.  Miss E.B.  Emery, for Freight
  to Sherwood, Tenn.

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