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“I bequeath to my executor (or executors) the sum of ——­ dollars, in trust, to pay the same in ——­ days after my decease to the person who, when the same is payable, shall act as Treasurer of the ’American Missionary Association,’ of New York City, to be applied, under the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association, to its charitable uses and purposes.”  The Will should be attested by three witnesses.

* * * * *


VOL.  XLIII.  MARCH, 1889.  No. 3.

American Missionary Association.

* * * * *


Who take Collections for the A.M.A. in March, April and May.

Dear Brethren:  The work of this Association requires $1,000 per day.  The receipts for the first four months of our fiscal year have been only about $800 a day.  Here is the germ of a debt.  Unless it is chilled and destroyed in the vigorous months of March, April and May, when the churches are full and active, it will, during the hot summer months, when the audiences are thin, grow rapidly, and develop its bitter fruit—­a great deficit.  The coming three months will be the test.  We are the servants of the churches and are doing their work, and we are confident that they intend to give us the means to carry it forward.

We, therefore, appeal to the pastors whose collections come during these three months, or whose collections can conveniently be brought within these three months, to lend us their great help by emphasizing our needs when the collections are taken, and we appeal to our patrons that they will, both in their church collections or by their special donations, come to our aid in a time when that aid will be so beneficial.

* * * * *


Perhaps we never shall cease our urgent appeals for the “sinews of war.”  The growing work of this Association requires increasing funds to meet the enlarged demand.  But we are beginning to feel the need of a greater force in the field.  We sound forth the bugle note calling for recruits for the army of the Lord in our glorious warfare.  We appeal to students in theological seminaries, colleges, normal schools and female seminaries, to consider the claims of this great work.  We make this appeal with special urgency to the Congregational institutions of the land, for it is from this body of Christians that we receive nearly all the funds with which we carry on our work, and there is a special fitness that the sons and daughters of these churches should enter the field for which the funds are contributed.

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