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ME.—­Woman’s Aid to A.M.A., Chairman of Committee,
  Mrs. C.A.  Woodbury, Woodfords, Me.

VT.—­Woman’s Aid to A.M.A., Chairman of Committee,
  Mrs. Henry Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury, Vt.

VT.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. Ellen Osgood, Montpelier, Vt.

CONN.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. S.M.  Hotchkiss, 171 Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn.

N.Y.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. William Spalding, Salmon Block, Syracuse, N.Y.

ALA.—­Woman’s Missionary Association, Secretary,
  Mrs. G.W.  Andrews, Talladega, Ala.

OHIO.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. Flora K. Regal, Oberlin, Ohio.

IND.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. W.E.  Mossman, Fort Wayne, Ind.

ILL.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. C.H.  Taintor, 151 Washington St., Chicago, Ill.

MINN.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Society, Secretary,
  Miss Katharine Plant, 2651 Portland Avenue,
  Minneapolis, Minn.

IOWA.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Miss Ella E. Marsh, Grinnell, Iowa.

KANSAS.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Society, Secretary,
  Mrs. G.L.  Epps, Topeka, Kan.

MICH.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. Mary B. Warren, Lansing, Mich.

WIS.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. C. Matter, Brodhead, Wis.

NEB.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. L.F.  Berry, 724 N. Broad St., Fremont, Neb.

COLORADO.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, Secretary,
  Mrs. S.M.  Packard, Pueblo, Colo.

DAKOTA.—­Woman’s Home Miss.  Union, President,
  Mrs. T.M.  Hills, Sioux Falls; Secretary, Mrs.
  W.R.  Dawes, Redfield; Treasurer, Mrs. S.E. 
  Fifield, Lake Preston.

We would suggest to all ladies connected with the auxiliaries of State Missionary Unions, that funds for the American Missionary Association be sent to us through the treasurers of the Union.  Care, however, should be taken to designate the money as for the American Missionary Association, since undesignated funds will not reach us.

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One of the most encouraging signs of the times is found in the numerous letters that are now received at the Woman’s Bureau of the following import: 

“We have started a ‘Young Ladies’ Missionary Society,’ and are anxious to inform ourselves in regard to the different Indian Missions.  Please forward whatever you have that relates to the past and present work.”

“We have received the missionary letters you sent and are very anxious to learn more about the colored people of the South, and also the Mountain Whites, of whom we have very little knowledge.”

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