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Perhaps some of our friends would be glad to hear a few words concerning Brewer Normal School, Greenwood, S.C.  The work goes on, but we are hurried and crowded almost beyond endurance.  We have only two school-rooms and one recitation room.  In one school-room fitted for fifty-eight scholars, there are ninety-seven.  They are obliged to sit, three in a seat made for two, on chairs, stools and even on the teacher’s platform.  Classes are sent from this room, and their recitation room is the teacher’s kitchen and dining-room—­not very pleasant for the teachers, but a necessity.  The teacher of these classes is the Principal’s daughter, who has been taken from her own school to aid in this emergency.  In the other school-room, fitted for fifty-eight, there are eighty-six—­not quite as many as in the other room, but what is wanting in numbers is made up in size.  There are several men six feet tall, and one minister six and a half.  In many instances, we are obliged to look up to our scholars.

Some of our classes in this room number thirty-five or forty.  The smaller classes from this room recite in the recitation room.  It is with difficulty that some of our men, weighing two hundred, get into the seats in the school-room, but they bear the crowding and close packing with great patience.  The small boarding-houses in the yard are as badly crowded as the school-rooms.  In two small rooms, having two beds each, there are twelve young men, six in each.  Here they cook for themselves, sleep and study out of school hours.  One can hardly find standing-room among the chairs, trunks, etc.  Other rooms are crowded nearly as much.  And still the scholars come.  What shall we do with them?  Our cry is more room.  O, that God would put it into the heart of some one to give the money needed for another building at Brewer!

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The congregation of Lincoln Memorial Church, Washington, D.C., rejoiced in a renovated and newly-furnished church edifice, Sunday, Jan. 6th.  The pastor, Rev. George W. Moore, preached an interesting sermon on “The Law of Christian Growth.”  At the conclusion of the services a statement of the cost of the recent improvements was read.  The total cost was $1,500, about $200 of which was given by contractors and workmen.  Hon. A.C.  Barstow, of Providence, R.I., presented the church with one of the large and beautiful stoves, and gave the other at the cost of manufacture.  The present membership of the church is one hundred, ninety of whom are resident members.  The people have done nobly in their gifts and self-denials, and Pastor and Mrs. Moore have in their hands a great work which promises to be greater in the future.

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