The Record of a Quaker Conscience, Cyrus Pringle's Diary eBook

Cyrus Pringle
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“A book which is true in essentials—­so real that one is tempted to doubt whether it is fiction at all—­doubly welcome and doubly important....  It would be difficult indeed to find a book in which the state of mind of the German people is pictured so cleverly, with so much understanding and convincing detail....  Intelligent, generous, sweet-natured, broadminded, quick to see and to appreciate all that is beautiful either in nature or in art, rejoicing humbly over her own great gift, endowed with a keen sense of humour, Christine’s is a thoroughly wholesome and lovable character.  But charming as Christine’s personality and her literary style both are, the main value of the book lies in its admirably lucid analysis of the German mind.”—­New York Times.

“Absolutely different from preceding books of the war.  Its very freedom and girlishness of expression, its very simplicity and open-heartedness, prove the truth of its pictures.”—­New York World.

“A luminous story of a sensitive and generous nature, the spontaneous expression of one spirited, affectionate, ardently ambitious, and blessed with a sense of humour.”—­Boston Herald.

“The next time some sentimental old lady of either sex, who ’can’t see why we have to send our boys abroad,’ comes into your vision, and you know they are too unintelligent (they usually are) to understand a serious essay, try to trap them into reading ‘Christine.’  If you succeed we know it will do them good.”—­Town and Country.


Publishers 64-66 Fifth Avenue New York

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