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Pelham.  Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 40.40

Pembroke.  Mrs. Mary Thompson, 10;
  Sab.  Sch. of Cong.  Ch., 8, for
  Wilmington, N.C.

Raymond.  Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 11.00

Tamworth.  Cong.  Ch. 2.00

VERMONT, $159.10.

Lunenburg.  Charles W. King 15.00

Norwich.  William E. Lewis 5.00

Springfield.  “Splinters of the Board,”
  by Myrtle A. Ellison, Treas., 2.25 for
  Tougaloo U., and 2.25 for Indian M. 4.50

  Saint Johnsbury.  South Cong.  Ch. 64.85

Swanton.  Cong.  Ch. 15.65

Wallingford.  Ladies of Cong.  Ch. and
  Soc., Bbl. of C.:  Cash, 1, by Miss C.M. 
  Townsend, for McIntosh, Ga. 1.00

Westminster West.  Sab.  Sch. of Cong. 
  Ch., for McIntosh, Ga. 19.10

West Rutland.  Cong.  Ch. and Soc. 6.00

Vermont Woman’s Home Miss’y Union,
  by Mrs. William P. Fairbanks, Treas.,
  for McIntosh, Ga.

Castleton.  Ladies, by
M.K.  Adams 3.00

Dorset.  W.H.M.  Soc., for
School, Marshallville, Ga.

Newport.  Ladles of Cong. 
Ch. 20.00

-----      28.00


Amesbury.  Main St. Cong.  Ch. 9.87

Amherst.  Members of Amherst College
  Ch. 45.00

Andover.  George W.W.  Dove, for Tillotson
  C. and N. Inst.

Arlington.  Rev. R.B.  Howard, for Pleasant
  Hill, Tenn.

Boston.  Shawmut Cong.  Ch. 20.00

     Mrs. Emily P. Eayers 5.00

     “Friend” 4.50

     Daniel S Ford. for Laundry,
     Talladega C.

     Rev. C.A.  Richardson,
     for Pleasant Hill, Tenn. 10.00

     W.H.  Emerson, for Sherwood,

     Mrs. J.B.  Potter, for
     Wilmington, N.C.

     A.A.  Winsor, for
     Talladega C.

Dorchester.  Rev. Mrs. Houston,
     for Pleasant Hill, Tenn. 10.00

     Miss Mary A. Tuttle, for
     Rosebud Indian M.

     “Miss T.,” for Indian M. 5.00

Roxbury.  Walnut Ave.  Cong. 
     Ch., ad’l 10.00

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