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    V is the Vessel, in whose dark,
      Noisome, and stifling hold,
    Hundreds of Africans are packed,
      Brought o’er the seas, and sold.


    W is the Whipping post,
      To which the slave is bound,
    While on his naked back, the lash
      Makes many a bleeding wound.


    X is for Xerxes, famed of yore;
      A warrior stern was he
    He fought with swords; let truth and love
      Our only weapons be.


    Y is for Youth—­the time for all
      Bravely to war with sin;
    And think not it can ever be
      Too early to begin.


    Z is a Zealous man, sincere,
      Faithful, and just, and true;
    An earnest pleader for the slave—­
      Will you not be so too?

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