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Patrick MacGill
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“Children of the Dead End” came upon the literary world as something of a surprise; it dealt with a phase of life about which nothing was known.  It was compared with the work of Borrow and Kipling.  Incidentally three editions, aggregating 10,000 copies, were called for within fifteen days.  In his new book Mr. MacGill still deals with the underworld he knows so well.  He tells of a life woven of darkest threads, full of pity and pathos, lighted up by that rare and quaint humour that made his first book so attractive.  “The Rat-Pit” tells the story of an Irish peasant girl brought up in an atmosphere of poverty, where the purity of the poor and the innocence of maidenhood stand out in simple relief against a grim and sombre background.  Norah Ryan leaves her home at an early age, and is plunged into a new world where dissolute and heedless men drag her down to their own miry level.  Mr. MacGill’s lot has been cast in strange places, and every incident of his book is pregnant with a vivid realism that carries the conviction that it is a literal transcript from life, as in fact it is.  Only last summer, just before he enlisted, Mr. MacGill spent some time in Glasgow reviving old memories of its underworld.  His characters are mostly real persons, and their sufferings, the sufferings of women burdened and oppressed with wrongs which women alone bear, are a strong indictment against a dubious civilisation.

Herbert Jenkins LD., 12 Arundel place, London, S.W.

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10,000 Copies called for in 10 days.


The Autobiography of a Navvy.  By Patrick MACGILL.  Crown 8vo.  Price 6/-.  Inland Postage 5d. extra.

  Manchester GDN.  “A grand book.” 
  Globe “A living story.” 
  D. Citizen “Still booming!”
  Standard “A notable book.” 
  Saturday review “An achievement.” 
  Bookman “Something unique.” 
  Outlook “A remarkable book.” 
  Bystander “A human document.” 
  Country life “A human document.” 
  Truth “Intensely interesting.” 
  EV.  Standard “A thrilling achievement.” 
  D. Telegraph “Will have a lasting value.” 
  Pall Mall GAZ.  “Nothing can withstand it.” 
  Sphere “The book has genius in it.” 
  Bookman “A poignantly human book.” 
  English review “A wonderful piece of work.” 
  Graphic “An enthralling slice of life.” 
  D. Sketch “A book that will make a stir.” 
  Athenaeum “We welcome such books as this.” 
  IllLondon news “An outstanding piece of work.” 
  D. Chronicle “Tremendous, absorbing, convincing.” 
  RevOf reviews “The book is not merely notable—­it is remarkable.” 
  La STAMPA “Un nuovo grande astro della litteratura inglese.” 
  D. Express “Will be one of the most talked-of books of the year.” 
  Spectator “A book of unusual interest, which we cannot but praise.”

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