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Jeffery Farnol
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A Romance of New York



Author of The Broad Highway, The Amateur Gentleman, The Honourable Mr. Tawnish, Beltane the Smith



      I Which Describes, among Other Things, a Pair of Whiskers
     II Of a Mournful Millionaire Who Lacked an Object
    III How Geoffrey Ravenslee Went Seeking an Object
     IV Telling How He Came to Hell’s Kitchen at Peep o’ Day
      V How Mrs. Trapes Acquired a New Lodger, Despite her Elbows
     VI How Spike Initiated Mr. Ravenslee into the Gentle Art of Shopping
    VII Concerning Ankles, Stairs, and Neighbourliness
   VIII Of Candies and Confidences
     IX Which Recounts the End of an Episode
      X Tells How Mr. Ravenslee Went into Trade
     XI Antagonism is Born and War Declared
    XII Containing Some Description of a Supper Party
   XIII Wherein may be Found Some Particulars of the Beautiful City of
    XIV Of a Text, a Letter, and a Song
     XV Which Introduces Joe and the Old Un
    XVI Of the First and Second Persons, Singular Number
   XVII How Geoffrey Ravenslee Made a Deal in Real Estate
  XVIII How Spike Hearkened to Poisonous Suggestion and Soapy Began to
    XIX In which the Poison Begins to Work
     XX Of an Expedition by Night
    XXI How M’Ginnis Threatened and—­Went
   XXII Tells of an Early Morning Visit and a Warning
  XXIII Chiefly Concerning a Letter
   XXIV How the Old Un and Certain Others had Tea
    XXV How Spike Made a Choice and a Promise
   XXVI Which Makes Further Mention of a Ring
  XXVII Mrs. Trapes Upon the Millennium
 XXVIII Which should have Related Details of a Wedding
   XXIX In which Hermione Makes a Fateful Decision
    XXX How Geoffrey Ravenslee Departed from Hell’s Kitchen
   XXXI In which Soapy Takes a Hand
  XXXII Of Harmony and Discord
 XXXIII Of Tragedy
  XXXIV Of Remorse
   XXXV How Geoffrey Ravenslee Came Out of the Dark
  XXXVI Concerning a Clew
 XXXVII The Woes of Mr. Brimberly
XXXVIII In which Soapy Takes upon Himself a New Role
  XXXIX The Old Un Advises and Ravenslee Acts
     XL Concerning a Handful of Pebbles
    XLI Of a Packet of Letters
   XLII Tells How Ravenslee Broke his Word and Why
  XLIII How Spike Got Even
   XLIV Retribution
    XLV Of the Old Un and Fate
   XLVI In which Geoffrey Ravenslee Obtains his Object



In the writing of books, as all the world knows, two things are above all other things essential—­the one is to know exactly when and where to leave off, and the other to be equally certain when and where to begin.

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