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[10] Again the astral world.

[11] Each spirilla is animated by the life-force of a plane, and four are at present normally active, one for each round.  Their activity in an individual may be prematurely forced by yoga practice.

[12] “The ten numbers of the sun.  These are called Dis—­in reality space—­the forces spread in space, three of which are contained in the Sun’s Atman, or seventh principle, and seven are the rays shot out by the Sun.”  The atom is a sun in miniature in its own universe of the inconceivably minute.  Each of the seven whorls is connected with one of the Planetary Logoi, so that each Planetary Logos has a direct influence playing on the very matter of which all things are constructed.  It may be supposed that the three, conveying electricity, a differentiation of Fohat, are related to the Solar Logoi.

[13] The action of electricity opens up ground of large extent, and cannot be dealt with here.  Does it act on the atoms themselves, or on molecules, or sometimes on one and sometimes on the other?  In soft iron, for instance, are the internal arrangements of the chemical atom forcibly distorted, and do they elastically return to their original relations when released? and in steel is the distortion permanent?  In all the diagrams the heart-shaped body, exaggerated to show the depression caused by the inflow and the point caused by the outflow, is a single atom.

[14] These sub-planes are familiar to the Theosophist as gaseous, etheric, super-etheric, sub-atomic, atomic; or as Gas, Ether 4, Ether 3, Ether 2, Ether 1.

[15] It must be remembered that the diagrams represent three-dimensional objects, and the atoms are not all on a plane, necessarily.

[16] That is, the surrounding magnetic fields strike on each other.

[17] The fifth member of this group was not sought for.

[18] This, with references which appear later (pp. 32, 33, 50, etc.), relates to articles which appeared in the Theosophist, 1908.

[19] Since writing the above I have noticed, in the London, Edinburgh and Dublin Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, conducted by Dr. John Joly and Mr. William Francis, in an article entitled “Evolution and Devolution of the Elements,” the statement that it is probable that in “the nebulous state of matter there are four substances, the first two being unknown upon earth, the third being hydrogen and the fourth ... helium.  It also seems probable that ... hydrogen, the two unknown elements, and helium are the four original elements from which all the other elements form.  To distinguish them from the others we will term them protons.”  This is suggestive as regards hydrogen, but does not help us with regard to oxygen and nitrogen.

[20] Theosophists call them Nature-Spirits, and often use the mediaeval term Elementals.  Beings concerned with the elements truly are they, even with chemical elements.

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