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RUBIDIUM (Plate XIX, 3).

Again the lithium spike, modified slightly by the introduction of an ovoid, in place of the top sphere; the forms here are somewhat unusual, and the triangles of the sextet revolve round each other on the meta level; all the triads break up on the hyper level into duads and units.

FLUORINE (Plate IV, 3, and Plate XVII, 1).

The reversed funnels of fluorine split asunder on the proto level, and are set free, the “balloons” also floating off independently.  The funnels, as usual, become spheres, and on the meta level set free their contained bodies, three quartets and a triplet from each of the eight.  The balloons disintegrate in the usual way.


Manganese offers us nothing new, being composed of “lithium spikes” and “nitrogen balloons.”

* * * * *



We have now reached the last of the groups as arranged on Sir William Crookes’ lemniscates, that forming the “neutral” column; it is headed by helium, which is sui generis.  The remainder are in the form of a flat star (see Plate IV, 4), with a centre formed of five intersecting and “cigar"-bearing tetrahedra, and six radiating arms.  Ten of these have been observed, five pairs in which the second member differs but slightly from the first; they are:  Neon, Meta-neon; Argon, Metargon; Krypton, Meta-krypton; Xenon, Meta-xenon; Kalon, Meta-kalon; the last pair and the meta forms are not yet discovered by chemists.  These all show the presence of a periodic law; taking an arm of the star in each of the five pairs, we find the number of atoms to be as follows :—­

40 99 224 363 489 47 106 231 370 496 It will be observed that the meta form in each case shows seven more atoms than its fellow.

[Illustration:  PLATE XX.]

HELIUM (Plate III, 5, and Plate XX, 1) shows two “cigar"-bearing tetrahedra, and two hydrogen triangles, the tetrahedra revolving round an egg-shaped central body, and the triangles spinning on their own axes while performing a similar revolution.  The whole has an attractively airy appearance, as of a fairy element.

HELIUM:  Two tetrahedra of 24 atoms 48
        Two triangles of 9 atoms 18
        Central egg 6
                 Total 72
        Atomic weight 3.94
        Number weight 72/18 4.00
NEON (Plate XX, 2 and 6) has six arms of the pattern shown in 2, radiating
from the central globe.

NEON:  Six arms of 40 atoms 240
      Central tetrahedra 120

Total 360
Atomic weight 19.90
Number weight 360/18 20.00
META-NEON (Plate XX, 3 and 6) differs from its comrade by the insertion of an additional atom in each of the groups included in the second body within its arm, and substituting a seven-atomed group for one of the triplets in neon.

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