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LITHIUM (Plate IV, 2 and Plate XIX, 1) is a striking and beautiful form, with its upright cone, or spike, its eight radiating petals (x) at the base of the cone, and the plate-like support in the centre of which is a globe, on which the spike rests.  The spike revolves swiftly on its axis, carrying the petals with it; the plate revolves equally swiftly in the opposite direction.  Within the spike are two globes and a long ovoid; the spheres within the globe revolve as a cross; within the ovoid are four spheres containing atoms arranged on tetrahedra, and a central sphere with an axis of three atoms surrounded by a spinning wheel of six.

LITHIUM:  Spike of 63 atoms 63
         8 petals of 6 atoms 48
         Central globe of 16 atoms 16
                               Total 127
         Atomic weight 6.98
         Number weight 127/18 7.05
POTASSIUM (Plate XIX, 2) consists of nine radiating lithium spikes, but has
not petals; its central globe contains one hundred and thirty-four atoms,
consisting of the “nitrogen balloon,” encircled by six four-atomed spheres.

POTASSIUM:  9 bars of 63 atoms 567
           Central globe 134
                              Total 701
           Atomic weight 38.94
           Number weight 701/18 38.85
(The weight, as determined by Richards [Nature, July 18, 1907] is

RUBIDIUM:  (Plate XIX, 3) adds an ovoid, containing three spheres—­two triplets and a sextet—­to the lithium spike, of which it has sixteen, and its central globe is composed of three “balloons.”

RUBIDIUM:  16 spikes of 75 atoms 1200
          Central globe 330
                            Total 1530
          Atomic weight 84.85
          Number weight 1530/18 85.00
The corresponding negative group consists only of fluorine and manganese,
so far as our investigations have gone.

FLUORINE (Plate IV, 3, and Plate XVII, 1) is a most peculiar looking object like a projectile, and gives one the impression of being ready to shoot off on the smallest provocation.  The eight spikes, reversed funnels, coming to a point, are probably responsible for this warlike appearance.  The remainder of the body is occupied by two “balloons.”

FLUORINE:  8 spikes of 15 atoms 120
          2 balloons 220
                             Total 340
          Atomic weight 18.90
          Number weight 340/18 18.88
MANGANESE (Plate XVII, 2) has fourteen spikes radiating from a central

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