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TITANIUM:  One carbon atom 216
          4 c of 88 atoms 352
          12 d of 14 " 168
          Central globe 128
                            Total 864
          Atomic weight 47.74
          Number weight 864/18 48.00
ZIRCONIUM (Plate XV, 3) has exactly the same outline as titanium, the
carbon atom is similarly distributed, and the central body is identical. 
Only in 5 c and d do we find a difference on comparing them with 4 c
and d.  The c ovoid in zirconium shows no less than fifteen secondary
globes within the five contained in the ovoid, and these, in turn, contain
altogether sixty-nine smaller spheres, with two hundred and twelve atoms
within them, arranged in pairs, triplets, quartets, quintets, a sextet and
septets.  Finally, the ovoids of the ring are also made more elaborate,
showing thirty-six atoms instead of fourteen.  In this way the clever
builders have piled up in zirconium no less than 1624 atoms.

ZIRCONIUM:  One Carbon atom 216
           4 c of 212 atoms 848
           12 d of 36 " 432
           Central globe 128
                              Total 1624
           Atomic weight 89.85
           Number weight 90.22
[Illustration:  PLATE XVI.]

SILICON (Plate XVI, 1) is at the head of the group which corresponds to carbon on the opposite turn of the lemniscate.  It has the usual eight funnels, containing four ovoids in a circle, and a truncated “cigar” but no central body of any kind.  All the funnels are alike.

SILICON:  8 funnels of 65 atoms 520
         Atomic weight 28.18
         Number weight 520/18 28.88
GERMANIUM (Plate XVI, 2) shows the eight funnels, containing each four
segments (XVI, 4), within which are three ovoids and a “cigar.”  In this
case the funnels radiate from a central globe, formed of two intersecting
tetrahedra, with “cigars” at each point enclosing a four-atomed globe.

GERMANIUM:  8 funnels of 156 atoms 1248
           Central globe 52
                   Total 1300
           Atomic weight 71.93
           Number weight 1300/18 72.22
TIN (Plate XVI, 3) repeats the funnel of germanium, and the central globe
we met with in titanium, of five intersecting tetrahedra, carrying twenty
“cigars”; the latter, however, omits the eight-atomed centre of the globe
that was found in titanium, and hence has one hundred

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