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In funnel B there is a quintet, that behaves like those in the globe of boron, on escaping from the funnel, in which the bodies remain on the proto level, with the exception of b 63, which escapes.  On the meta level, c (Plate XI, 4), c assumes a tetrahedral form with six atoms at each point, and these hold together as sextets on the hyper level.  At the meta stage, b (Plate XI, 4 b) sets free seven nine-atomed bodies, which become free triplets on the hyper.  The central globe shows a cross at its centre, with the four quintets whirling round it, on the proto level.  On the meta, the quintets are set free, and follow the boron type, while the cross becomes a quartet on the meta level, and two duads on the hyper.

YTTRIUM (Plate XI, 3).


In yttrium, on the proto level, a 110 and b 63 both escape from the funnel, and behave as in scandium.  The ovoids and “cigars,” set free on the meta level, behave as in boron.  The central globe breaks up as in gold (pp. 49 and 50), four quartets being set free instead of two quartets and two triplets.  We have only to consider e 8 and d 20 (Plate XI, 4). E 8 is a tetrahedral arrangement of duads on the meta level, set free as duads on the hyper. D 20 is an arrangement of pairs of duads at the angles of a square-based pyramid on the meta, and again free duads on the hyper.

NITROGEN (Plate XII, 1).

Nitrogen has nothing new to show us, all its constituents having appeared in scandium and yttrium.

VANADIUM (Plate XII, 2).

The A funnel of vanadium repeats the A funnel of scandium, with the addition of d 20, already studied.  In the B funnel scandium B is repeated, with an addition of d 20 and a sextet for a quintet; the sextet is the c of the “nitrogen balloon.”  The central globe follows boron, save that it has a septet for its centre; this was figured in iodine (p. 48).

NIOBIUM (Plate XII, 3).

Niobium only differs from yttrium by the introduction of triplets for duads in e; on the meta level we have therefore triplets, and on the hyper each triplet yields a duad and a unit.  The only other difference is in the central globe.  The tetrahedra separate as usual, but liberate eight “cigars” instead of four with four quartets; the central body is simple, becoming three triads at the angles of a triangle on the meta level, and three duads and three units on the hyper.



The funnels let go the globes, but the eight ovoids remain within them, so that seven bodies are let loose on the proto level.  When the ovoids are set free at the meta stage they become spherical and a nine-atomed body is produced, which breaks up into triangles on the hyper level.  The globe becomes a cross at the meta stage, with one atom from the duads at each arm in addition to its own, and these form four duads on the hyper, and a unit from the centre.

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