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the ovoids stand
the reverse way from those in arsenic.  It will be noted that in the former
the top and bottom triangles of atoms have the apices upwards, and the
middle one has its apex downwards.  In arsenic, the top and bottom ones
point downwards, and the middle one upwards.  Arsenic inserts sixteen
spheres between the ovoids and globe shown in aluminium, and thus adds no
less than one hundred and forty-four atoms to each funnel.

ARSENIC:  6 funnels of 225 atoms 1350
         Atomic weight 74.45
         Number weight 1350/18 75.00
ANTIMONY (Plate XIV, 3) is a close copy of indium, and the arrangement of
types A and B in the funnels is identical.  In the middle rings of both A
and B a triplet is substituted for a unit at the centre of the larger
globe.  In the lowest body of type A the “cigar” has vanished, and is
represented by a seven-atomed crystalline form.

ANTIMONY:  Segment A 128 atoms
          Segment B 113 atoms
      3 funnels of 2 A and 1 B ([256 + 113]3) 1107
      3 " " 2 B and 1 A ([226 + 128]3) 1056
                                     Total 2163
      Atomic weight 119.34
      Number weight 120.16
       * * * * *


BORON (Plate III, 4, and Plate XI, 1).


The disintegration of boron is very simple:  the funnels are set free and assume the spherical form, showing a central “cigar” and four globes each containing two triplets.  The central globe is also set free with its four quintets, and breaks at once in two.  On the meta level the “cigar” breaks up as usual, and the triplets separate.  On the hyper level, the “cigar” follows its usual course, and the triplets become duads and units.  The globe forms two quintets on the meta level, and these are resolved into triplets and duads.

SCANDIUM (Plate XI, 2).

In funnel A the “cigar” and the ovoids behave as in boron, but the “balloon,” a 110 (XI, 4), escapes from the funnel as it changes to a sphere, and holds together on the proto level; on the meta, it yields six globes each containing seven duads, and these are all set free as duads on the hyper level; the ovoid is also set free on the meta level becoming a sphere, and on the hyper level liberates its contained bodies, as two triplets, two quartets and two sextets.

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