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SELENIUM:  4 funnels of 198 atoms 792
          4 stars of 153 atoms 612
          Central globe 18
                         Total 1422
          Atomic weight 78.58
          Number weight 1422/18 79.00
TELLURIUM (Plate X, 3), it will be seen, closely resembles cadmium, and has
three cylindrical segments—­of which one is figured—­making up the funnel. 
The contained bodies in the pillars run three, four, five, four, three,
two, instead of starting with two; and a quartet replaces a duad in the
globes above.  The central cross only differs from that of cadmium in having
a seven-atomed instead of a four-atomed centre.  So close a similarity is

TELLURIUM:  3 segments of 181 atoms = 543
           4 funnels of 543 atoms 2172
           Central body 51
                            Total 2223
           Atomic weight 126.64
           Number weight 2223/18 123.50
       * * * * *


We must now consider the ways in which the members of the tetrahedral groups break up, and as we proceed with this study we shall find how continual are the repetitions, and how Nature, with a limited number of fundamental methods, creates by varied combinations her infinite variety of forms.

BERYLLIUM (Plate III, 2, and VIII, 1).


Beryllium offers us four similar funnels and a central globe, and the proto-elements consist of these five bodies, set free.  The funnel, released from pressure, assumes a spherical form, with its four ovoids spinning within it, and the central globe remains a sphere, containing a whirling cross.  On the meta level, the ovoids are set free, and two from each funnel are seen to be positive, two negative—­sixteen bodies in all, plus the cross, in which the resultant force-lines are changed, preparatory to its breaking into two duads on the hyper level.  On that level, the decades disintegrate into two triplets and a quartet, the positive with the depressions inward, the negative with the depressions outward.

CALCIUM (Plate VIII, 2).

The funnels, as usual, assume a spherical form on the proto level, and show, in each case, three spheres containing ovoids.  These spheres, still on the proto level, break free from their containing funnel, as in the case of gold (p. 49), twelve bodies being thus liberated, while the central globe breaks up into eight segments, each of which becomes globular, and contains within it a “cigar” and a somewhat heart-shaped body.  Four spheres, each containing seven ten-atomed ovoids, are identical with

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