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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 145 pages of information about Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets, and Earths In The Starry Heaven Their Inhabitants, And The Spirits And Angels There.

177.  Concerning the sun of that earth, they related that it appears to the inhabitants of a flame-colour; that the time of their year is two hundred days, and that a day equals nine hours of our time, which they could conclude from the length of the days of our Earth perceived in me; and further, that they have a perpetual spring and summer, and consequently that the fields are ever blooming, and the trees are ever bearing fruit:  the reason why the case is thus is, that their year is so short, being equal to the time of only seventy-five days of our year; and when the years are so short, the cold does not continue long in winter nor the heat in summer, and the ground in consequence is in a continual state of verdancy.

178.  Concerning betrothals and marriages on that earth, they related that a daughter, when she approaches a marriageable age, is kept at home, nor is she allowed to go out till the day she is to be married; and that she is then conducted to a certain connubial house, where several other marriageable young women are also brought; that they are there placed behind a screen, which reaches as high as the middle of the body, so that they appear naked as to the breast and face; that on such occasions the young men come there to choose for themselves a wife; and that when a young man sees a young woman suitable for him, and to whom his mind (animus) draws him, he takes her by the hand.  If she then follows him, he leads her to a house that has been prepared, and she becomes his wife.  For they see from the faces whether they agree in disposition (animus), since on that earth every one’s face is an index of the disposition (animus), and disguises and counterfeits nothing.  In order that everything may be done with decency and without lasciviousness, an old man is seated behind the young virgins, and an elderly woman at their side, to watch.  There are many such places to which the young women are conducted; and there are also stated times for the young men to make their choice; for if they do not find a girl to suit them at one place, they go to another; and if not at one time, they return again at another.  They said further, that a husband has only one wife, and never more than one, because this is contrary to Divine order.


The numbers refer to the paragraph, not to the pages.  The footnotes are referred to as part of the text.



  AFFECTIONS, angels enter into man’s, 11;
    manifested by the countenance, 54;
    how spiritual affection becomes natural affection, 163;
    affection of thought, 88.

  AGREEMENT of life conjoins, 127[2].


  ANGEL.  See under SPIRITS. 
    Difference between celestial and spiritual angels, 169[2].

  ANIMALS, instinct of, 96;
    how man becomes like a brute animal, 58[2].

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