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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 145 pages of information about Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets, and Earths In The Starry Heaven Their Inhabitants, And The Spirits And Angels There.

144.  Being further questioned concerning their earth, they said that they have meadows, flower-gardens, orchards full of fruit-trees, and also lakes containing fish; and that they have birds of a blue colour, with golden feathers; and large and small animals.  Amongst the smaller, they mentioned one sort which had the back raised like the camels on our Earth; nevertheless, they do not feed on their flesh, but only on the flesh of fishes, and besides on the fruits of trees, and on the leguminous plants of the earth.  They said, moreover, that they do not live in artificial houses, but in groves, amongst the leafy boughs of which they make roofs to shelter them from rain and the heat of the sun.

145.  Being questioned respecting their sun, which appears as a star from our Earth, they said that it has a fiery appearance, and that it is not larger to the sight than a man’s head.  I was told by the angels that the star which is their sun is one of the smaller stars, not far distant from the equator.

146.  There were seen some spirits who were like what they had been during their abode as men on their earth.  They had faces not unlike the faces of the men of our Earth, except that their eyes and nose were small.  As this appeared to me something of a deformity, they said that with them small eyes and a small nose are considered a beauty.  A female was seen, clothed in a gown ornamented with roses of various colours.  I asked whence they procured for themselves materials for clothing on that earth.  They answered that they gather from certain plants substances which they spin into thread; and that they then at once lay the threads in double and triple rows, moistening them with a glutinous water to give them consistence.  Afterwards they colour the cloth, thus prepared, with the juices of herbaceous plants.  It was also shown me how they prepare the thread.  The women sit down on a seat, with their backs bent, and twist the threads with their toes; and when twisted they draw the threads towards them, and work them with their hands.

147.  They said also, that on that earth a husband has only one wife, and no more; and that they beget from ten to fifteen children.  They added, that there are likewise found harlots on that earth; but that these, after the life of the body, when they become spirits, are sorceresses, and are cast into hell.


148.  There appeared some spirits at a distance, who were unwilling to approach.  The reason was, that they could not be together with the spirits of our Earth who were then about me.  From this I apperceived that they were from another earth; and I was told afterwards that they were from a certain earth in the universe; but where that earth is, was not made known to me.  These spirits, unlike the spirits from our Earth, were absolutely unwilling

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