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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 145 pages of information about Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets, and Earths In The Starry Heaven Their Inhabitants, And The Spirits And Angels There.

96.  As the bird of stone represented those also who are in knowledges alone, and in no life of love, and as these consequently have no spiritual life, therefore, by way of appendix, I may here show that those only have spiritual life who are in heavenly love, and thence in knowledges; and that a love contains in itself all the power of knowing (cognitinum) which belongs to that love.  Take for example the animals of the earth, and also the living creatures of the heaven, that is, the birds.  These have the knowledge (scientia) of all things that belong to their love.  Their loves are, to nourish themselves, to dwell safely, to propagate their kind, to take care of their young, and, with some, to provide for the winter.  They have, therefore, all the requisite knowledge, for this is inherent in those loves, and inflows into them as into its own receptacles; and this knowledge in some animals is such that man cannot but be amazed at it.  Their knowledge is connate and is called instinct; but it belongs to the natural love in which they are.  If man were in his own love, which is love to God and towards the neighbour, (this love is man’s peculiar love, by which he is distinguished from beasts, and it is heavenly love,) he would not only be in all requisite knowledge, but likewise in all intelligence and wisdom; for these [qualities] would inflow into those loves from heaven, that is, from the Divine through heaven.  As, however, man is not born into those loves, but into their contraries, that is to say, into the loves of self and of the world, therefore he cannot but be born in complete ignorance and want of knowledge But by Divine means he is brought to something of intelligence and wisdom, yet not actually into any, unless the loves of self and of the world are removed, and a way is thus opened for love to God and towards the neighbour.  That love to God and love towards the neighbour have in them all intelligence and wisdom, may appear from those who have been in those loves in the world.  These, when, after death, they come into heaven, know and are wise in things of which they previously knew nothing; yea, they there think and speak, like the rest of the angels, such things as the ear has not heard, nor the mind known, which are ineffable.  The reason is, that those loves have the faculty of receiving such things into themselves.


97.  The spirits from that earth appear in front at a considerable distance, below, in the plane of the knees, where that earth itself is; and when the eye is opened thither, a multitude of spirits come into view, who are all from that earth.  They are seen on this side of that earth, and to the right of it.  It has been given me to speak with them also, and thereby to know of what character they are relatively to others.  They are well-disposed, and they are modest; and as they esteem themselves little, therefore also in the other life they appear small.

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