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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 145 pages of information about Earths In Our Solar System Which Are Called Planets, and Earths In The Starry Heaven Their Inhabitants, And The Spirits And Angels There.

47.  The earth or planet Jupiter itself does not indeed appear to spirits and angels:  for in the spiritual world no earth is ever visible to any one, but only the spirits and angels who are from it.  Those who are from the planet Jupiter appear in front to the left, at some little distance, and this constantly (see above, no. 42):  there also the planet is.  The spirits of every earth are near their own earth, because they are from its inhabitants (for every man after death becomes a spirit), and because they are thus of a similar genius, and can be with the inhabitants and be of service to them.

48.  They related that in the region of their earth where they had lived when in the world, the multitude of human beings was as great as the earth could support; that it was fertile, and abounded in all things; that the inhabitants desired no more than sufficed for the necessities of life, and that what was not necessary they did not regard as useful; and that therefore the multitude of human beings was so great.  They said that their principal care was the education of their children, and that they loved them most tenderly.

49.  They further related that on their earth they are distinguished into clans, families, and households, and that all live together with their own, separate from the others, and that therefore their habitual intercourse is confined to their kindred:  also that no one ever desires another’s goods; nor does it ever enter the mind (animus) of any one to covet any of the goods of another, much less to obtain them by any artifice, and still less to attack and plunder them; this they consider a crime contrary to human nature, and horrible.  When I wanted to tell them that on this Earth there were wars, depredations, and murders, they turned away, and refused to hear.  It has been told me by the angels that the Most Ancient inhabitants of our Earth dwelt in the same manner, that is to say, distinguished into clans, families, and households, and that all in those times were content with their own goods; and that it was an entirely unknown thing for one to enrich himself with the goods of others, or to assume dominion from the love of self; and that on this account the Ancient, and especially the Most Ancient times, were more acceptable to the Lord than those which have succeeded them; and that, as their state was such, innocence then reigned, and, together with innocence, wisdom; that every one then did what was good for the sake of good, and what was just for the sake of justice; that they did not know what it was to do what was good and just with a view to their own honour, or for the sake of gain; and that in those times they spoke nothing but what was true, and this not so much from truth as from good, that is, not from the Intellectual separate [from the Voluntary], but from the Voluntary conjoined with the Intellectual.  Such were the Ancient times.  Angels then could therefore have habitual intercourse with men, and carry their minds,

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