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63 17. lex talionis.  Law of retaliation.

63 18. “lex nec justior,” etc.  “Nor is there any law more just than that the devisers of murder should perish by their own device.”—­OVID, Ars Amatoria, I, 655.

63 25. lares.  The minor deities of a Roman household.

63 30.  Arcadian beauty.  Arcadian is synonymous with rural simplicity and beauty.  Arcadia, the central province of Greece, was a pastoral district and lacked the vices—­as well as some of the virtues—­of the surrounding states.

64 1. extirpation.  Etymology?

64 23. music.  One who has listened to Mongolian attempts at harmony must suspect that De Quincey is again inspired by his imagination when he characterizes this part of the commemoration as “rich and solemn.”

64 28. columns of granite and brass.  This feature of the narrative, as well as many other details of apparent fact, including the entire inscription said to have been placed upon the monument, are evidently the pure invention of De Quincey’s fancy, no mention of these details being found in his historical sources.


[11] “Some years ago I published a paper on the Flight of the Kalmuck Tartars from Russia.  Bergmann, the German from whom that account was chiefly drawn, resided a long time among the Kalmucks,” etc.—­Essay on Homer and the Homeridae.




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