The Black Prophet: A Tale Of Irish Famine eBook

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By William Carleton1
CHAPTER II. —­ The Black Prophet Prophesies.8
CHAPTER III. —­ A Family on the Decline—­Omens.17
CHAPTER IV. —­ A Dance, and Double Discovery.27
CHAPTER V. —­ The Black Prophet is Startled by a Black Prophecy.34
CHAPTER VI. —­ A Rustic Miser and His Establishment37
CHAPTER VII. —­ A Panorama of Misery.41
CHAPTER VIII. —­ A Middle Man and Magistrate—­Master and Man.53
CHAPTER IX. —­ Meeting of Strangers—­Mysterious Dialogue.65
CHAPTER X. —­ The Black Prophet makes a Disclosure.72
CHAPTER XI. —­ Pity and Remorse.78
CHAPTER XII. —­ Famine, Death, and Sorrow.86
CHAPTER XIII. —­ Sarah’s Defence of a Murderer.93
CHAPTER XV. —­ A Plot and a Prophecy.106
CHAPTER XVI. —­ Mysterious Disappearance of the Tobacco-box.115
CHAPTER XVII. —­ National Calamity—­Sarah in Love and Sorrow.118
CHAPTER XVIII. —­ Love Wins the Race from Profligacy.126
CHAPTER XX. —­ Tumults—­Confessions of Murder.141
CHAPTER XXIII. —­ Darby in Danger—­Nature Triumphs.172
CHAPTER XXIV. —­ Rivalry.181
CHAPTER XXVI. —­ The Pedlar Runs a Close Risk of the Stocks.194
CHAPTER XXVII. —­ Sarah Ill—­Mave Again, Heroic.203
CHAPTER XXVIII. —­ Double Treachery.212
CHAPTER XXIX. —­ A Picture of the Present—­Sarah Breaks her Word.221
CHAPTER XXX. —­ Self-sacrifice—­Villany229
CHAPTER XXXI. —­ A Double Trial—­Retributive Justice.236
CHAPTER XXXII. —­ Conclusion.255
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