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“’Samuel Montgomery, “’Henby Giffard. ’"Nov. 20, 1798.”


“’We associate, to the utmost of our power, to support and defend his Majesty King George the Third, the constitution and laws of this country, and the succession to the Throne in his Majesty’s illustrious house, being Protestants; for the defence of our persons and properties; and to maintain the peace of the country; and for these purposes to we will be at all times ready to assist the civil and, military powers in the just and lawful discharge of their duty.  We also associate in honor of King William the Third, Prince of Orange, whose name we bear, as supporters of his glorious memory, and the true religion by him completely established in these kingdoms.  And in order to prove our gratitude and affection for his name, we will annually celebrate the victory over James at the Boyne, on the first day of July, O.S., in every year, which day shall be our grand Era for ever.

We further declare that we are exclusively a Protestant Association; yet, detesting as we do, any intolerant spirit, we solemnly pledge ourselves to each other, that we will not persecute, injure, or upbraid any person on account of his religious opinions, PROVIDED THE SAME BE NOT HOSTILE TO THE STATE; but that we will, on the contrary, be aiding and assisting’ to every loyal subject, of every religious description, in protecting him from violence and oppression.

Qualifications requisite for an Orangeman.

“’He should have a sincere love and veneration for his Almighty Maker, productive of those lively and happy fruits, righteousness and obedience to his commands; a firm and steadfast faith in the Saviour of the world, convinced that he is the only mediator between a sinful creature and an offended Creator—­without these he cannot be a Christian; of a humane and compassionate disposition, and a courteous and affable behavior.  He should be an utter enemy to savage brutality and unchristian cruelty; a lover of society and improving company; and have a laudable regard for the Protestant religion, and a sincere desire to propagate its precepts; zealous in promoting the honor, happiness, and prosperity of his king and country; heartily desirous of victory and success in those pursuits, yet convinced and assured that God alone can grant them.  He should have a hatred of cursing and swearing, and taking the name of God in vain (a shameful practice), and he should use all opportunities of discouraging it among his brethren.  Wisdom and prudence should guide his actions—­honesty and integrity direct his conduct—­and the honor and glory of his king and country be the motives of his endeavors—­lastly, he should pay the strictest attention to a religious observance of the Sabbath, and also to temperance and sobriety.

Obligation of an Orangeman.

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