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he trusts, benign punishment.  He receives it as a token—­a manifestation that out of the great congregation of the faithful that inherit the church, he—­an erring individual—­a frail unit, is not neglected nor his spiritual concerns overlooked.  He therefore doth not wish you to say, “cease Lord, this evil unto this man,” but yea, rather to beseech, that if it be for his good, it may be multiplied unto him, and that he may feel it is good for him to be afflicted.  Pray, therefore, that he may be purged by this tribulation, and that like those who were placed in the furnace, nine times heated, he may come out without a hair of his head singed—­unhurt and rejoicing, ready again to fight the good fight, with much shouting, the rattling of chariots, and the noise of triumph and victory.’

“During the perusal of this all eyes were turned upon Solomon, whose face was now perfectly seraphic, and his soul wrapped up into the ninth heaven.  Of those around him it was quite clear that he was altogether incognizant.  His eyelids were down as before, but the smile on his face now was a perfect glory; it was unbroken, and the upturning of the eyes proceeded from, and could be, nothing less than a glimpse of that happiness which no other eye ever had seen but that of Solomon’s at that moment, and which, it was equally certain, no heart but his could conceive.  When it was concluded the psalm commenced, and if there had been any doubt before, there could be none now that his triumph was great, and the victory over the world and his enemies obtained, whilst a fresh accession of grace was added to that which had been vouchsafed him before.  He led the psalm now with a fervor of spirit and fulness of lung which had never been heard in the chapel before; nay, he moved both head and foot to the time, as if he had only to wish it, and he could ascend at once to heaven.  This, indeed, was a victory, this was a moment of rejoicing—­here was the Christian soldier rattling home in his triumphal chariot, to the sound of the trumpet, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer.

“When the service was over he shook hands with as many of his friends as he could, exclaiming, ’oh, what a blessed day has this been to me! what a time of rejoicing; indeed it is good to be tried.  Truly the sources of comfort were opened to my soul on this day more abundantly than I dared to hope for—­I feel my privileges more strongly, and more of the new man within me—­I am sustained and comforted, and feel that it was good for me to be here this day—­I did not hope for this, but it was graciously granted to me, notwithstanding.  How good, how heavenly a thing it is to be called upon to suffer, especially when we are able to do so in faith and obedience.  May He be praised for all.  Amen!  Amen!’

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