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CHAPTER I. A Mail-coach by Night, and a Bit of Moonshine.5
CHAPTER II.  The Town and its Inhabitants.13
CHAPTER III.  Pauden Gair’s Receipt how to make a Bad Dinner a Good One16
CHAPTER IV.  An Anonymous Letter24
CHAPTER V. Sir Thomas Gourlay fails in unmasking the Stranger32
CHAPTER VI.  Extraordinary Scene between Fenton and the Stranger.36
CHAPTER VII.  The Baronet attempts by Falsehood40
CHAPTER VIII.  The Fortune-Teller—­An Equivocal Prediction.47
CHAPTER IX.  Candor and Dissimulation53
CHAPTER X. A Family Dialogue—­and a Secret nearly Discovered.64
CHAPTER XI.  The Stranger’s Visit to Father MacMalum.73
CHAPTER XII.  Crackenfudge Outwitted by Fenton85
CHAPTER XIII.  The Stranger’s Second Visit to Father M’Mahon94
CHAPTER XIV.  Crackenfudge put upon a Wrong Scent112
CHAPTER XV.  Interview between Lady Gourlay and the Stranger123
CHAPTER XVII.  A Scene in Jemmy Trailcudgel’s147
CHAPTER XVIII.  Dunphy visits the County Wicklow161
CHAPTER XIX.  Interview between Trailcudgel and the Stranger175
CHAPTER XX.  Interview between Lords Cullamore, Dunroe, and Lady Emily184
CHAPTER XXI.  A Spy Rewarded198
CHAPTER XXII.  Lucy at Summerfield Cottage.213
CHAPTER XXIII.  A Lunch in Summerfield Cottage.226
CHAPTER XXIV.—­An Irish Watchhouse in the time of the “Charlies.”236
CHAPTER XXV.  The Police Office251
CHAPTER XXVI.  The Priest Returns Sir Thomas’s Money and Pistols259
CHAPTER XXVII.  Lucy calls upon Lady Gourlay, where she meets her Lover268
CHAPTER XXVIII.  Innocence and Affection overcome by Fraud and Hypocrisy281
CHAPTER XXIX.  Lord Dunroe’s Affection for his Father296
CHAPTER XXX.  A Courtship on Novel Principles.308
CHAPTER XXXI.  The Priest goes into Corbet’s House very like a Thief322
CHAPTER XXXII.  Discovery of the Baronet’s Son335
CHAPTER XXXIII.  The Priest asks for a Loan of Fifty Guineas348
CHAPTER XXXIV.  Young Gourlay’s Affectionate Interview with His Father357
CHAPTER XXXV.  Lucy’s Vain but Affecting Expostulation with her Father371
CHAPTER XXXVI.  Contains a Variety of Matters380
CHAPTER XXXVII.  Dandy’s Visit to Summerfield Cottage395
CHAPTER XXXVIII.  An Unpleasant Disclosure to Dunroe409
CHAPTER XXXIX.  Fenton Recovered—­The Mad-House424
CHAPTER XL.  Lady Gourlay sees her Son.436
CHAPTER XLI.  Denouement.445
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