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and Bishops of her Realm, and all other persons ecclesiastical, having care of souls, to search out all persons duly suspected to be either teachers or professors of the foresaid damnable sects, and by all good means to proceed severely against them being found culpable, by order of the Laws either ecclesiastical or temporal:  and that, also, search be made in all places suspected, for the books and writings maintaining the said Heresies and Sects, and them to destroy and burn.

“And wheresoever such Books shall be found after the publication hereof, in custody of any person, other than such as the Ordinaries shall permit, to the intent to peruse the same for confutation thereof, the same persons to be attached and committed to close prison, there to remain, or otherwise by Law to be condemned, until the same shall be purged and cleared of the same heresies, or shall recant the same, and be thought meet by the Ordinary of the place to be delivered.  And that whoever in this Realm shall either print, or bring, or cause to be brought into this Realm, any of the said Books, the same persons to be attached and committed to prison, and to receive such bodily punishment and other mulct as fautors of damnable heresies.  And to the execution hereof, her Majesty chargeth all her Officers and Ministers, both ecclesiastical and temporal, to have special regard, as they will answer not only afore God, whose glory and truth is by these damnable Sects greatly sought to be defaced, but also will avoid her Majesty’s indignation, which in such cases as these are, they ought not to escape, if they shall be found negligent and careless in the execution of their authorities.

“Given at our Mannour of Richmond, the third of October, in the two-and-twentieth year of our Reign.

“God Save The Queen.”

Richard Greene.

Lichfield, May 28. 1850.

* * * * *


The interleaving, of a little work in my possession, published by Kearsley in 1787, intitled Account of the several Wards, Precincts, and Parishes in the City of London, contains Ms. notes of the commencement of the registers of fifty of the London parishes, and of four of Southwark, the annexed list[1] of which may be of use to some of the readers of “Notes and Queries.”  The book formerly belonged to Sir George Nayler, whose signature it bears on a fly-leaf.

[Footnote 1:  We have collated the list with the Population Returns (Parish Register abstract) 1831, and noted any difference.  In addition to the list given from Sir Geo. Nayler’s Ms. the following early registers were extant in 1831:—­

  1538.  Allhallows, Bread Street; Allhallows, Honey
        Lane; Christ Church; St. Mary-le-bow;
        St. Matthew, Friday Street; St. Michael
        Bassishaw; St. Pancras, Soper Lane.

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