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have put me into limbo as an impostor, I will teach you to arn your livelihood after my fashion.  You shall work with me until you are fit to start alone, and then there’s plenty of room in England for both of us; but mind, never tell any one what you pick up, or every mumper in the island will put on a suit of sailor’s clothes, and the thing will be blown upon.’  Of course, this was too good an offer to be rejected, and I joyfully acceded.  At first, I worked with him as having only one arm, the other being tied down to my side, and my jacket sleeve hanging loose and empty, and we roared away right and left, so as to bring down a shower of coppers wherever we went.  In about three weeks my friend thought I was able to start by myself, and giving me half of the ballads, and five shillings to start with, I shook hands and parted with, next to you, the best friend that I certainly ever had.  Ever since I have been crossing the country in every direction, with plenty of money in my pocket, and always with one eye looking sharp out for you.  My beautiful voice fortunately attracted your attention, and here I am, and at an end of my history; but if ever I am away from you, and in distress again, depend upon it I shall take to my wooden leg and ballads for my support.”

Such were the adventures of Timothy, who was metamorphosed into a precise Quaker.  “I do not like the idea of your taking up a system of deceit, Timothy.  It may so happen—­for who knows what may occur?—­that you may again be thrown upon your own resources.  Now, would it not be better that you should obtain a more intimate knowledge of the profession which we are now in, which is liberal, and equally profitable?  By attention and study you will be able to dispense medicines and make up prescriptions as well as myself, and who knows but that some day you may be the owner of a shop like this?”

“Verily, verily, thy words do savour of much wisdom,” replied Tim, in a grave voice; “and I will even so follow thy advice.”

Chapter LXIX

     I am unsettled by unexpected intelligence, and again yearn after
     the world of fashion.

I knew that he was mocking me in this reply, but I paid no attention to that; I was satisfied that he consented.  I now made him assist me, and under my directions he made up the prescriptions.  I explained to him the nature of every medicine; and I made him read many books of physic and surgery.  In short, after two or three months, I could trust to Timothy as well as if I were in the shop myself; and having an errand boy, I had much more leisure, and I left him in charge after dinner.  The business prospered, and I was laying up money.  My leisure time, I hardly need say was spent with Mr Cophagus and his family, and my attachment to Susannah Temple increased every day.  Indeed, both Mr and Mrs Cophagus considered that it was to be a match, and often joked with me when Susannah was not present.  With respect

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