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He lost no time in procuring the required furlough, and at their first meeting, the four missing letters were commented upon, and their non-delivery ascribed to the right party, namely, Mrs. Fraudhurst, as they wandered together down the pomegranate and orange groves in the cool of the evening, or pacing the broad, open verandah beneath the star lit sky.

“I think, Carlton, you must be in high feather with the Colonel, or your lucky star is in the ascendant,” said Captain Hastings to our young hero, a few days after his return from Calcutta, as they rode home from stables together.

“How so?  What is in the mind now?” enquired Arthur, as he reined his horse nearer to that of his companion.

“Why, there is another row among those fellows in Bundlecund, and a squadron of our regiment has been ordered out.  My troop and yours have been selected for the business, and as your Captain is in Europe and the other two troop commanders absent from headquarters, you are to have charge on, this occasion.  I command the squadron, so they may look out for hard knocks if we get a chance at them.  I will teach the blackguards a lesson they will not forget for some time.  They will find no philanthropy or mistaken clemency about me, and to tell you the truth, I would rather have you for my second in command than either Dalzell or Harcly.”

“Many thanks for your good opinion; and depend upon it I shall not be backward in proving its correctness, should an opportunity offer,” responded Arthur, as they entered the mess room.

The affair in Bundlecund proved a more obstinate contest than had been at first expected, and lasted for a considerable time.  But the coolness and determination of the light Dragoons were too much for them, consequently the disturbance was quelled, but not before a large number of the rascals had been made to bite the dust.  Here, as in Chillianwalla, Carlton’s bravery and skill, as a troop leader, were conspicuous, and he well merited the encomiums that were poured upon him by his brother officers on the return of the squadron from the disturbed districts, now in a tranquil state.


Such of our readers as may have been acquainted with the West end of London some thirty-five years since, must recollect old Cavendish Square.  Prior to that date it had been very exclusive, but on Belgravia and Tybernia springing into existence, the nobility and aristocratic families moved from there to the new suburban localities, and their old quarters were occupied by quite a different class, which had migrated principally from that region east of Temple Bar, such as merchants, bankers, eminent barristers, and physicians of first standing.  One of the main avenues leading from this square westward, and known as Harley Street, was inhabited by another set, usually styled very respectable people, chiefly consisting of maiden ladies of doubtful

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