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[48] “A Gallery of Pigeons” (1873).

[49] “Arthur O’Shaughnessy.”  By Louise Chandler-Moulton, Cambridge and Chicago, 1894.

[50] Swinburne, as a living author, is not represented in the “Treasury.”  O’Shaughnessy’s metrical originality is undoubted.  But one of his finest lyrics, “The Fountain of Tears,” has an echo of Baudelaire’s American master, Edgar Poe, as well as of Swinburne;

    “Very peaceful the place is, and solely
      For piteous lamenting and sighing,
      And those who come living or dying
    Alike from their hopes and their fears: 
      Full of cypress-like shadows the place is,
      And statues that cover their faces;
    But out of the gloom springs the holy
    And beautiful Fountain of Tears.”

[51] See especially “Sir Erwin’s Questing,” “The Ballad of May Margaret,” “The Westward Sailing,” and “The Ballad of the King’s Daughter” in “Songs of Life and Death.”

[52] In “An Epic of Women.”

[53] “From time to time bright spirits, intolerant of the traditional, try to alter the bournes of time and space in these respects, and to make out that the classical, whatever the failings on its part, was always in its heart rather Romantic, and that the Romantic has always, at its best, been just a little classical. . . .  But such observations are only of use as guards against a too wooden and matter-of-fact classification; the great general differences of the periods remain, and can never be removed in imagination without loss and confusion” ("A Short History of English Literature,” Saintsbury, p. 724).

[54] Vide supra, pp. 123-25.

[55] “A Dialogue to the Memory of Mr. Alexander Pope.”



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