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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 66 pages of information about Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the Fight at Brunanburh; Byrhtnoth, or the Fight at Maldon; and the Dream of the Rood.

B. = Bouterwek;
C. = Cook;
Gm. = Grimm;
Gn. = Grein;
K. = Kemble;
Kl. = Kluge;
Kr. = Koerner;
S. = Sievers;
Sw. = Sweet;
Th. = Thorpe;
W. = Wuelker;
Z. = Zupitza;
Zl. = Zernial.



When had elapsed in course of years
Two hundred and three, reckoned by number,
And thirty also, in measure of time,
Of winters for th’ world, since mighty God
Became incarnate, of kings the Glory, 5
Upon mid-earth in human form,
Light of the righteous; then sixth was the year
Of Constantine’s imperial sway,
Since he o’er the realm of the Roman people,
The battle-prince, as ruler was raised. 10
The ward of his folk, skilful with shield,
Was gracious to earls.  Strong grew the aetheling’s[1]
Might ’neath the heavens.  He was true king,
War-keeper of men.  God him strengthened
With honor and might, that to many became he 15
Throughout this earth to men a joy,
To nations a vengeance, when weapon he raised
Against his foes.  Him battle was offered,
Tumult of war.  A host was assembled,
Folk of the Huns and fame-loving Goths; 20
War-brave they went, the Franks and the Hugs.[2]
Bold were the men [in battle-byrnies, Gn.],
Ready for war.  Bright shone the spears,
The ringed corselets.  With shouts and shields
They hoisted the standards.  The heroes were there 25
Plainly assembled, and [host, Gn.] all together. 
The multitude marched.  A war-song howled
The wolf in the wood, war-secret concealed not;
The dew-feathered eagle uplifted his song
On the trail of his foes.  Hastened quickly 30
O’er cities of giants[3] the greatest of war-hosts
In bands to battle, such as king of the Huns
Of dwellers-around anywhere might,
Of city-warriors, assemble to war. 
Went greatest of armies,—­the footmen were strengthened 35
With chosen bands,—­till in foreign land
The fighters-with-darts upon the Danube’s
Bank were encamping, the brave in heart,
’Round the welling of waters, with tumult of host. 
The realm of the Romans they wished to oppress, 40
With armies destroy.  There was Huns’ coming
Known to the people.  Then bade the Caesar
Against the foes his comrades in war
’Neath arrow-flight in greatest haste
Gather for fight, form battle-array 45
The heroes ’neath heavens.  The Romans were,
Men famed for victory, quickly prepared
With weapons for war, though lesser army
Had they for the battle than king of the Huns.[4]
They rode ’round the valiant:  then rattled the shield, 50

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