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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 66 pages of information about Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the Fight at Brunanburh; Byrhtnoth, or the Fight at Maldon; and the Dream of the Rood.
For help in her sorrows.  Then thanked she God,
The Lord of victories, that the truth she had learnt 1140
At that present time, that oft was announced
So long before from creation of the world
For comfort to the people.  She was inspired
With the gift of wisdom, and his dwelling held
Holy Spirit of heaven, guarded her breast, 1145
Her noble heart.  So her the Almighty
Victor-son of God after protected.

   [1] So Z.; ‘With pomp of array,’ Gn.

   [2] Lit., ‘coming.’

   [3] Same expression as in 1054.

   [4] Lit., ‘will-giver,’ i.e., the queen.

   [5] i.e., her ornaments of gold.


Then eagerly gan she with secrets of soul
Seek in her spirit by soothfastness
The way to glory.  Now God of hosts 1150
His help bestowed, the Father in heaven,
Almighty King, that the queen obtained
Her will in the world.  The prophecy was
By sages of old sung long before
All from beginning, as it afterwards happened 1155
In respect to each thing.  The folk-queen began
Through gift of the Spirit gladly to seek
With greatest care how best the nails,
And in manner most worthy, she might apply
For joy to the folk, what was will of the Lord. 1160
Bade she then fetch a very wise man
Quickly to counsel, him who wisdom
Through clever might thoroughly knew,
Wise in his heart, and gan him ask
What in his soul seemed to him best 1165
To do about that, and his teachings she chose
In respect to her conduct.  Her boldly[1] he answered: 
“That is becoming that word of the Lord
Thou hold in heart, holy counsel,
Most excellent queen, and the King’s command 1170
Gladly fulfil, now God has thee given
Success of soul and craft of wit,
The Saviour of men.  Bid thou these nails
For that most excellent of earthly kings,
Of owners of cities, put on his bridle 1175
For bit to his horse.  To many that shall,
Throughout the mid-earth, become renowned,
When with that in contest he may overcome
Each one of his foes, when the brave-in-war
On either side the battle seek, 1180
Sword-contenders, where they strive for victory,
Foe against foe.  War-speed shall he have,
Victory in fight and everywhere peace,
In battle success, who carries in front
The bridle on horse, when the famed-in-fight 1185
At clashing of spears, the choicest of men,
Bear shield and lance.  To each one of men
Against war-terror shall be invincible
This weapon in war.  The seer of it sang,
Cunning in thought.  Deep moved his mind, 1190

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