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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 66 pages of information about Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the Fight at Brunanburh; Byrhtnoth, or the Fight at Maldon; and the Dream of the Rood.
Her Judas might not (he knew not full well) 860
Plainly inform of the victor-wood,
On which one the Saviour uplifted had been,
Victor-son of God, ere he bade them set
Within the middle of that great city
The trees with clamor, and there await 865
Till to him declared the Almighty King
The wonder ’fore the folk of that tree of glory. 
The victor-famed sat, their song they raised,
The wise in rede, ’round the three roods
Until the ninth hour; new joy they had 870
With wonder found.  Then came there a crowd,
No little folk, and a man deceased
They brought on a bier with heap of men
In neighborhood [nigh] (ninth hour it was),
A lifeless youth.  Then Judas was there 875
In thought of his heart greatly rejoiced. 
He bade then set the soul-less [youth],
Deprived of life the corpse on the earth,
The lifeless one, and up he raised,
Declarer of truth, two of the crosses, 880
The wise, in his arms o’er that fated house,
Plunged deep in thought.  It was dead as before,
Corpse fast on its bier:  the limbs were cold,
Clad in distress.  Then was the third
Holy upraised.  The body awaited 885
Until over it the AEtheling’s [cross],
His rood, was upraised, Heaven-king’s tree,
True token of victory.  Soon he arose
Ready in spirit, both together
Body and soul.  There praise was uplifted 890
Fair ’mid the folk.  The Father they honored,
And also the true Son of the Ruler
They praised in words.  Be glory and thanks
To Him without end from all His creatures.

   [1] Lit., ‘joy-wood.’

   [2] Lit., ‘knee.’


Then was to the people in the depth of their souls 895
Impressed on their minds, as ever shall be,
The wonder that wrought the Lord of hosts
For saving of souls of the race of men,
The Teacher of life.  There the sinner-through-lies
Then stied in the air, the flying fiend. 900
Gan then exclaim the devil of hell,
The terrible monster, mindful of evils: 
“Lo! what man is this, who now again
With ancient strife my service will ruin,
Increase the old hate, [and] plunder my goods? 905
This contest’s increasing.  The souls cannot,
Workers of sin, longer within
My power remain, now a stranger is come,
Whom I ere reckoned fast in his sins,
Me has he robbed of every right, 910
Of precious possessions.  That’s not a fair course. 
To me many harms the Saviour has done,
Contests oppressive, he who in Nazareth
Was reared as a child.  As soon as he grew
From childhood’s years, he to him ever turned

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