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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 66 pages of information about Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or the Fight at Brunanburh; Byrhtnoth, or the Fight at Maldon; and the Dream of the Rood.
Free from all faults, own Son of God,
Whom though guiltless[3] of every sin
Through hatred hanged upon the high tree
In days of old our own fathers. 425
That was terrible thought.  There is now great need
That we with firmness strengthen our minds,
That we of this murder become not informers,
Where the holy tree was hidden away
After the war-storm, lest may be rejected 430
The wise old writings and of our fathers
The lore be lost.  Not long will it be[4]
That of Israelites the noble race
Over the mid-earth may reign any more,
The law-craft of earls, if this be revealed:  435
That same long ago mine elder father
Victory-famed said (his name was Zacchaeus),
The wise old man, to mine own father,
[Who afterwards made it known to his, Gn.][5] son,
(He went from this world), and spake this word:  440
’If to thee that happen in the days of thy life,
That thou may’st hear of that holy tree
Wise men inquire and questionings raise
Of that victor-wood on which the true King
Was hanged on high, Guardian of heaven, 445
Child of all peace, then quickly declare it,
Mine own dear son, ere death thee remove. 
Ne’er may after that the folk of the Hebrews,
The wise in counsel, their kingdom hold,
Rule over men, but their fame shall live 450
And their dominion [be glorified ever, Gn.],[5]
To world of worlds with joy be filled,
Who the King that was hanged honor and praise.’

   [1] Gn., Z., W.

   [2] So W.  ‘Wrongs have committed,’ Gm., Gn. and Z. [?]

   [3] W.

   [4] Add ‘after that.’

   [5] Lacuna in MS., emended by Gn.


“Then quickly I to mine own father,
The old law-sage, answer returned:  455
’How might that happen on kingdom of earth
That they on the holy their hands should lay
For reaving of life, our own fathers,
Through hostile mind, if they ere knew
That he were Christ, the King in heaven, 460
True son of Creator, Saviour of souls.’ 
Then to me mine elder answer returned,
Wise in his mind my father replied: 
’Perceive, young man, the might of God,
The name of the Saviour.  That is to each man 465
Unutterable.  Him may no one
Upon this earth [ever] find out. 
Never that plan that this people framed
Was I willing to follow, but I always myself
Held aloof from their crimes, by no means wrought shame 470
To mine own spirit.  To them earnestly often
On account of their wrong I made opposition,
When the learned-in-lore counsel were taking,
Were seeking in soul how the Son of their Maker,

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