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“How can I live when you are dead? and how long will it be before I also die?  Tell me.”  Adam answered, “Trouble not yourself; for you will not tarry long after me, and I believe that the same grave will hold both of us.  But now, when I die, leave me alone, and let no one touch me until the will of God is made known concerning me.  For I am sure that God will not forget me, but will visit the creature which His hands have made.  Now therefore go and pray to Him until I give up my spirit to Him that gave it; for we know not how we shall meet Him, whether He will yet be wroth with us, or whether He will turn and have mercy upon us.”  She went out therefore and fell upon the ground and prayed a long time.


And at last the Angel of Mankind came to her and said, “Rise up, Eve; for Adam thy husband is departing out of this life, and is going to meet Him that made him.”

Eve therefore arose and looked up into the sky; and she saw a chariot of light coming, drawn by four shining eagles, and angels on either side escorting the chariot.  And when it came above the place where our father Adam lay, it stayed.  And the angels came bearing censers, and they stood about it and lighted their censers, and the smoke of the incense rose up and hid the firmament; and the angels bowed and worshipped, saying, “Holy One, have mercy, for he is Thine image and the work of Thy hands.”

Also Eve beheld two great and fearful ones standing in the heavens, and she was afraid and called upon Seth, saying, “Rise up, O Seth, and come to me, and behold that which no eye of man hath looked upon.”  So he came to her, and she said, “Seest thou the seven heavens open, and thy father Adam lying upon his face and the holy angels interceding for him?” She said, moreover, “Who are the two dark ones that stand praying for thy father?” And Seth answered, “They are the Sun and the Moon, who are entreating the Most High for my father Adam.”  And Eve said, “Where then is their light, and why is their aspect black?” And he said, “They cannot shine in the presence of the Light of all things:  therefore is their light departed from them.”

Now as Seth was speaking to his mother, behold, the angels blew with the trumpets, and fell on their faces, and cried with a loud voice, “Blessed be the glory of the Lord over all His works; for He hath had compassion upon Adam, the work of His hands.”  Then came one of the Seraphim, having six wings, and caught up the soul of Adam and bare it to the lake of pure water which is on the north side of Eden, and washed it before the face of God.  And the Most High commanded him to deliver it unto Michael the archangel, that he should bear it into Paradise until the day of the visitation of all things.

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