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and the sons of your father Israel.”  Then said Simeon, “Why doth our sister say so?  Nay, but we will hew them in pieces with our swords, for they have done evil against Joseph and against our father and against thee also this day.”  And Aseneth took hold upon Simeon’s beard and kissed him, and said, “Do not, my brother, in anywise render evil for evil:  the Lord shall judge between us; and now, see, they are fled afar off.  Forgive them, therefore, and spare their lives.”  Then Levi came near and kissed her right hand; for he knew that his brethren were in hiding among the reeds, but he would not reveal it to the others lest they should fall upon them; and he loved Aseneth because she would save them alive.

Now the son of Pharaoh, who was fallen from his horse, began to recover himself, and sat up and spat blood out of his mouth, for the blood ran down from the wound on his temple into his mouth.  And Benjamin saw it, and ran and drew the sword of the son of Pharaoh (for as yet Benjamin bare no sword upon his thigh), and would have slain him; but Levi hasted and caught his hand, saying, “It is not right for us that fear God to trample upon him that is fallen, or to afflict our enemy to death.  Put back the sword into its place and help me, and we will tend his wound, and if he lives he shall be our friend.”  Then Levi helped up the son of Pharaoh from the ground, and washed the blood from his face and bound up his wound with a bandage, and put him upon his horse and took him to Pharaoh his father, and told him all that had happened.  And Pharaoh rose up from his throne and blessed Levi.  But on the third day after, the son of Pharaoh died of his wound.

And Pharaoh mourned sore for his firstborn son, insomuch that he fell sick and died, being a hundred and nine years old, and left his crown to Joseph; and Joseph reigned alone in Egypt forty and eight years, and thereafter gave the kingdom to the younger son of Pharaoh, who was a sucking child when his father died.  And thenceforth Joseph was called the father of the king throughout all the land of Egypt.


This is the story of the life of Job, taken out of the book called The Testament of Job.

There came a day when Job felt that his end was near; and he called together his seven sons and his three daughters, and said to them: 

Come near to me, my children, and I will tell you the story of my life, and all the dealings of the Lord with me.  You must know, in the first place, that before He gave me a new name, I was called Jobab; and that I come of the family of Isaac—­for I am one of the sons of Esau, Jacob’s brother.  Now, long ago, I used to dwell hard by the temple of an idol, and every day I saw people coming and bringing offerings, and burning sacrifices before it.  But as time went on, I could not believe that this idol was indeed the God who made the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and us men.  I pondered much, therefore, upon this matter, saying, “How shall I come to know the truth of it?”

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