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Libraries as well as individuals are eligible for membership.  Since the publications are issued without profit, however, no discount can be allowed to libraries, agents, or booksellers.

New members may still obtain a complete run of the first year’s publications for $2.50, the annual membership fee.

During the first two years the publications are issued in three series:  I. Essays on Wit; II.  Essays on Poetry and Language; and III.  Essays on the Stage.


MAY, 1946:  Series I, No. 1—­Richard Blackmore’s Essay upon
(1716), and Addison’s Freeholder No. 45

JULY, 1946:  Series II, No. 1—­Samuel Cobb’s Of Poetry and
            Discourse on Criticism (1707).

SEPT., 1946:  Series III, No. 1—­Anon., Letter to A.H.  Esq.;
             concerning the Stage
(1698), and Richard Willis’
            Occasional Paper No.  IX (1698).

Nov., 1946:  Series I, No. 2—­Anon., Essay on Wit (1748),
             together with Characters by Flecknoe, and Joseph
             Warton’s Adventurer Nos. 127 and 133.

JAN., 1947:  Series II, No. 2—­Samuel Wesley’s Epistle to a
             Friend Concerning Poetry
(1700) and Essay on
             Heroic Poetry

MARCH, 1947:  Series III, No. 2—­Anon., Representation of the
             Impiety and Immorality of the Stage
(1704) and
             anon., Some Thoughts Concerning the Stage (1704).


MAY, 1947:  Series I, No. 3—­John Gay’s The Present State of
and a section on Wit from The English
With an Introduction by Donald Bond.

JULY, 1947:  Series II, No. 3—­Rapin’s De Carmine Pastorali,
             translated by Creech.  With an Introduction by
             J.E.  Congleton.

SEPT., 1947:  Series III, No. 3—­T.  Hanmer’s (?) Some Remarks on
             the Tragedy of Hamlet.
With an Introduction by
             Clarence D. Thorpe.

Nov., 1947:  Series I, No. 4—­Corbyn Morris’ Essay towards Fixing
             the True Standards of Wit,
etc.  With an Introduction
             by James L. Clifford.

JAN., 1948:  Series II, No. 4—­Thomas Purney’s Discourse on the
With an Introduction by Earl Wasserman.

MARCH, 1948:  Series III, No. 4—­Essays on the Stage, selected,
             with an Introduction by Joseph Wood Krutch.

The list of publications is subject to modification in response to requests by members.  From time to time Bibliographical Notes will be included in the issues.  Each issue contains an Introduction by a scholar of special competence in the field represented.

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