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[RIBIERE enters immediately after from the same direction.]

VASILI [in a loud, clear voice].  There will be no arrests to-night, my friends.

HAWCASTLE [violently, to ALMERIC].  Do as I say!  This man [meaning VASILI] goes, too.

VASILI [curtly].  The officer is not there, the carabiniere have been withdrawn.

[To PIKE, gravely and rapidly.]

For your sake I have relinquished my incognito.


The man Ivanoff is in my custody.

[Illustration:  “IVAN!  DON’T KILL ME!”]

HAWCASTLE [violently].  By whose authority?  Do you know that you are speaking to the Earl of Hawcastle?

RIBIERE [in a ringing voice, advancing a step].  More respectful, sir! 
You are addressing his Highness, the Grand-Duke Vasili of Russia.

[HAWCASTLE falls back, stricken.]

PIKE [thunderstruck].  Respectful!  Think of what I’ve been calling him!

VASILI.  My friend, it has been refreshing. [To RIBIERE].  Ribiere, I shall take Ivanoff’s statement in writing.  Bring him with you.

[VASILI turns on his heel, curtly, and passes rapidly out through the door on the right.]

[RIBIERE touches IVANOFF on shoulder, indicating that he must follow VASILI.]

[IVANOFF starts with RIBIERE; MADAME DE CHAMPIGNY shrinks back with a low exclamation of fear.]

IVANOFF [hoarsely to her].  I would not touch you—­not even to strangle you!

[With outstretched hand, pointing to HAWCASTLE.]

But God will let me pay my debt to the Earl of Hawcastle!

[Goes rapidly out with RIBIERE.]

HAWCASTLE [choked with rage, advancing on PIKE].  Why, you—­

PIKE [genially].  Oh!  I hated to hand you this, my lord.  I didn’t come over here to make the fine flower of Europe any more trouble than they’ve got.  But I had to show John Simpson’s daughter.

[Movement from HORACE and ETHEL.]

And I reckon now she isn’t wanting any alliance with the remnants of
Crecy and Agincourt.

ETHEL [tremulously, coming close to PIKE].  But I have no choice—­I gave Almeric my promise when I thought it an honor to bear his name.  Now that you have shown me it is a shame to bear it, the promise is only more sacred.  The shame is not his fault.  You—­you—­want me to be—­honorable—­don’t you?

PIKE [after a long stare at her, speaks in a feeble voice, very slowly]. 
Your father—­and mother—­both—­came—­from Missouri, didn’t they?



SCENE:  The same as in Act I. The morning of the next day.  Upon the steps leading to the hotel doors is a pile of bags, hat-boxes, and rugs.

As the curtain rises HAWCASTLE, in a travelling suit and cap, is directing a porter who is adjusting a strap on a travelling bag.  ALMERIC enters from the hotel, smoking a cigarette.

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