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made a miscalculation, for when a couple of the boys had crawled out on the B and C frames to set up an E frame the structure commenced to sag.  The trouble was remedied by propping up the tower with a stout stick driven into the river bottom and wedged under the upper tie piece of the tower.  The towers were really too short to make a well proportioned bridge, for the panels had to be made very long and narrow, so as to reach across.  But on the whole it was a very creditable structure when completed, though it had only half as long a span as our cantilever bridge over the lagoon.


“A” tent
Abbreviations, wigwag
Accident, railway, the first
Ainu snow shoe
Alarm clock, a unique
Alphabet, wigwag
Alpine stock
Anchoring cantilever bridge
Annex, the
Arctic expedition
Armchair, barrel
Axles of railroad car

Bags, sleeping
Banquets, midnight
Barrel armchair
Barrel filter
Barrel hoop snow shoe
Barrel stave hammock
Barrel stave snow shoe
Bat’s wings
Bed, a camp
Bed in shower
Belly band, elastic
Bending wood
Bicycle wheels, mounting frame on
Big Bug Club
Bill’s cave
Bill’s skate sail
Binding cantilever bridge
Blades of wind wheel
Boat, ice
Boat mooring, tramp-proof
Boat, scow
Box kite, diamond
Box, the black walnut
Brake for wind wheel
Bridge building
Bridge, cantilever
Bridge, king post
Bridge, king rod
Bridge, pontoon
Bridge, Reddy’s cantilever
Bridge, spar
Bridge, stiffening
Bridge, suspension
Bridge wreck
Bucket, the canvas
Buckets for water wheel

Camp bed
Camp bed in shower
Camp, breaking
Camp chair, a
Camp fire, a costly
Camp fire, kindling
Canoe, Indian paddling
Canoe lee boards
Canoe rudder
Canoe, the sailing
Canoe sails
Canoe, scooter
Canoe, stretching on canvas
Canoes, canvas
Cantilever bridge
Cantilever bridge, anchoring
Cantilever bridge, binding frames
Cantilever bridge, center panels
Cantilever bridge, frames for
Cantilever bridge, Reddy’s
Cantilever, bridge, setting up frames of
Cantilever bridge towers
Canvas bucket
Canvas canoes
Canvas, stretching on canoe
Canvas tent
Car axles
Car for gravity railroad
Car, mounting wheels on
Carpenter’s miter box
Cave, Bill’s
Cave, covering the
Cave, excavating for
Cave, framing
Cave-in, a
Center panels of cantilever bridge
Chain, surveyor’s
Chair, a camp
Chair seat snow shoe
Cheek blocks
Chinks in log cabin, stopping up
Christmas vacation
Clamp for crank shaft
Clapboards, nailing on
Cleat, a
Climbing, mountain
Clock, a unique alarm
Club, the Big Bug
Club pin
Club, the Subterranean
Code, International Telegraph
Combination lock
Council of war
Crank shaft, the
Creepers, ice
Crossbow trigger
Cutting out disk

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