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As your letter was dated from Philadelphia we thought that you might not be eligible for admission to the St. Mary’s, and made further inquiries as to the maintenance of a similar vessel in your city.



I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 10th inst., and in reply would say that the schoolship “St. Mary’s” is open to admission only to boys whose parents reside in New York City, or who have a guardian appointed here.

The vessel is now at New London, Connecticut, and will leave there about the 23d inst. for a cruise in foreign waters.  No applicant will be received, however, after the 15th inst.

I am not able to say whether the city of Philadelphia maintains a vessel similar to ours or not.  A letter to the Clerk of the Board of Education in that city would probably obtain the information you desire.

sp;                               Respectfully,
                                                ARTHUR MCMULLIN, Clerk.


My sister takes THE GREAT ROUND WORLD, and I read it and like it very much.  In—­I have forgotten the number of the paper—­you said that the Queen of the Hawaiian Islands people did not like her rule.  Well, one of my friends went there some years ago, and when he was there they loved her just as much as anybody.  Will you please explain this?  It was the people who ruled for her that they did not like.

     Good-by.  I live at Willowbrook, Auburn, N.Y.

                                                GEORGE W.M. 
     P.S.—­I am nine and a half years old.


It is said that the Queen of the Hawaiian Islands allowed herself to be influenced by bad advisers, and after a while ruled her people so badly, that they ceased to love her.



THE GREAT ROUND WORLD interests me very much.  I am very glad that the children here in the United States can work so prettily in sewing, and I think that we people ought to be proud to think that the children in this country can really accomplish the best work done in the world.

I would like to know if those American sailors who were arrested in
Siberia are free, or were they rearrested.

I think General Weyler is very mean for treating the wounded
soldiers of Cuba so cruelly, but I am glad that Cuba is getting the
best of the war.

                                          Yours truly,
                                                NANCY J.
     NEW YORK CITY, June 7th. 1897.


You will find the latest news about the American sailors in last week’s issue of THE GREAT ROUND WORLD.  Thank you for your letter.

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