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The dampness scared me more than the ghosts, for I had never seen a ghost yet; but I had been haunted by rheumatism, and found it a hard thing to get rid of.

“I’ve taken a room there, so I’m rather interested in knowing what company I’m to have.”

“Taken a room, have you?  Well, I dare say you won’t be troubled.  Some folks have a knack of seeing spirits, and then again some haven’t.

“My wife is uncommon powerful that way, but I an’t; my sight’s dreadful poor for that sort.”

There was such a sly look in the starboard eye of the old fellow as he spoke, that I laughed outright, and asked, sociably—­

“Has she ever seen the ghosts of the cottage?  I think I have rather a knack that way, and I’d like to know what to expect.”

“No, her sort is the rapping kind.  Down yonder, the only ghost I take much stock in is old Bezee Tucker’s.  Some folks say they’ve heard him groaning there nights, and a dripping sound; he bled to death, you know.

“It was kept quiet at the time, and is forgotten now by all but a few old fellows like me.  Bezee was always polite to the ladies, so I guess he won’t bother you, ma’am;” and the old fellow laughed.

“If he does, I’ll let you know;” and with that I left him, for I was called and told that the beach party was anxious for my company.

In the delights of that happy hour, I forgot the warning of the old gentleman on the hill, for I was about to taste a clam for the first time in my life, and it was a most absorbing moment.

Perched about on the rocks like hungry birds, we sat and watched the happy cooks with breathless interest, as they struggled with frying-pans, fish that refused to brown, steaming sea-weed, and hot ashes.

Little Margie Grant waited upon me so prettily, that I should have been tempted to try a sea porcupine if she had offered it, so charming was her way of saying, “O here’s a perfectly lovely one!  Do take him by his little black head and eat him quick!”

I indulged without thought, in clams, served hot between two shells, little dreaming what a price I was to pay for that banquet.

* * * * *

Language Lesson—­Let pupils use other words to express the meaning of the parts given below in dark type.

    “Right down there—­just a step, you see.”

    “Pretty likely place for a prospect.”

    “The only one I take much stock in.”

Write out in full the words for which ’em and an’t are used.

* * * * *


quaked, shook, as with fear.

cha’os, a great number of things without order.

gi gan’tic, of very great size.

stealth’y, very quiet, so as to escape notice.

fa’tal, causing great harm.

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