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Language Lesson.—­Tell the story in your own words, using the points given in the following

Analysis.—­1.  Mrs. Reed’s home. 2.  Her talk with Alice. 3.  Mrs. Reed prepares a present for Alice. 4.  Alice receives the work-box. 5.  What was found in it. 6.  The broken tile and the discovery of the money. 7.  What happened after that.

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dells, small valleys.

bow’ers, covered places made of boughs.

troupe, a number of living beings; a company.

daf’fo dils, yellow flowers.

sheen, brightness; splendor.

sprite, an unreal person.

sus pend’ed, stopped for a time; hung.

va’ries, is different; changes.

blue’bell, a kind of flower.

ram’bling, wandering.

rev’el, play in a noisy manner.

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  I’ve peeped in many a bluebell,
    And crept among the flowers,
  And hunted in the acorn cups,
    And in the woodland bowers;
  And shook the yellow daffodils,
    And searched the gardens round,
  A-looking for the little folk
    I never, never found.

  I’ve linger’d till the setting sun
    Threw out a golden sheen,
  In hope to see a fairy troupe
    Come dancing on the green;
  And marveled that they did not come
    To revel in the air,
  And wondered if they slept, and where
    Their hiding-places were.

  I’ve wandered with a timid step
    Beneath the moon’s pale light,
  And every blazing dew-drop seemed
    To be a tiny sprite;
  And listened with suspended breath,
    Among the grand, old trees,
  For fairy music floating soft
    Upon the evening breeze.

  Ah me! those pleasant, sunny days,
    In youthful fancies wild,—­
  Rambling through the wooded dells,
    A careless, happy child! 
  And now I sit and sigh to think
    Age from childhood varies,
  And never more may we be found
    Looking for the fairies.

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Directions for Reading.—­Which one of the stanzas should be read more slowly than the others?

Point out the emphatic words in the last four lines of the lesson.

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Language Lesson.—­Which lines in each stanza end in similar sounds?

Let pupils explain the meaning of what is given below in dark type.

    I’ve hunted in the acorn cups.

    I’ve wandered with a timid step.

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